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Only Kent is a site dedicated to news from around the world, and local news from Kent in the UK. This site has been developed with an aim to bring some of the most important world news, and latest happenings in Kent…all under one roof.

Only Kent Aims To:
• Report all the latest news and buzz across the world
• We want to deliver unbiased reports of breaking news by country, and local news in the Kent area.
• We will also give you updates on the latest developments in the Kent business industry

Letter to the Editor –
Only Kent welcomes letters and commentaries to the editor; if you wish to send us letters all submissions should not exceed 1000 words. If a commentary exceeds 1000 words it may be changed for publication. All authors must include name, email address and phone number to be considered for publication. Anonymous letters will not be accepted and all submissions will be subjected to editing for clarity and length. Although all submissions are checked, it does not mean they will get published.

Editorial –
Do you have a story, breaking news or even general tips? Our reporters welcome your comments and any news leads.
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Editorial Contacts –

Daniel Chubb
Founder & CEO

Peter Chubb

Debbie Turner
Debbie Turner
Senior Associate Editor

Tina Chubb
Tina Chubb
Associate Editor

Maddy Rowe
Maddy Rowe
Associate Editor

Matt Tran
Matt Tran
Contributing Editor

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