Giants Conquer Patriots to Win Super Bowl XLVI

Giants Conquer Patriots to Win Super Bowl XLVI

The Super Bowl XLVI took place in Indianapolis yesterday and in the battle of the New York Giants vs. the New England Patriots it was the Giants who triumphed in a thrilling game that enthralled millions across the world. The score was 21-17 to the Giants who took the win with a last-gasp touchdown to come from behind, triggering jubilant scenes in the stadium and across New York.

This had been a highly-anticipated game, especially as it was a repeat of the Super Bowl in 2008. In that game the Patriots were the favorites and it was the Giants who won and exactly the same scenario happened this time around. The Giants’ Eli Manning was also the hero once again at Super Bowl 2012. Although the Giants were ahead 9-0 at the end of the first quarter, later in the game the New England Patriots had pulled ahead to 17-9. When the pressure was on in the fourth quarter the quarterback Manning sealed the win with a late drive down the field allowing Ahmad Bradshaw to score on a 6-yard run with less than one minute on the clock.

Tom Brady for the Patriots desperately tried to overcome the scoreline with a last pass but the Giants withstood the threat to lift the Vince Lombardi trophy again. After the game Tom Coughlin the Giants’ head coach said, “To play against a great team like the Patriots and have a finish like that, one that goes down in history, is a marvellous feeling,” according to Sky Sports. It was no surprise to see Eli Manning crowned Super Bowl MVP once again and this was a game that will live long in the memory of Giants fans and for all the wrong reasons, for Patriots fans.

We’ll be back later with news on the victory parade for the Giants so check back with us for that. We’d like to hear your thoughts on Super Bowl 46. Are you a Giants fan thrilled at your teams win? Maybe you’re a gutted Patriots fan? Send us your comments and let us know how you’re feeling today.

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