Super Bowl Experts Predictions to Win Roundup

Super Bowl Experts Predictions to Win Roundup

It’s finally here, Super Bowl 2012, a day that many people have been hugely-anticipating with the game between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. One of the most popular topics surrounding the Super Bowl 46 is predictions for the winner and what might happen and we’ve put together an experts predictions roundup for you to give you an idea of what’s being said.

To kick off there’s a great selection of experts picks for the winner over on ESPN NFL. There are literally dozens of predictions in this selection from ESPN experts, writers, analysts, scouts and editors and the opinions are very much split. For example John Clayton gives the win to the Patriots 24-20, while Dan Graziano thinks the Giants will take it 31-24. Adam Schefter thinks the Patriots will win by a bigger margin, 27-16 but Jeffri Chadiha predicts a score of 28-24 to the Giants. This link also has videos showing athletes picks and also predictions from celebrities so there’s a lot to choose from.

Over on Gather there’s a prediction from the legendary Hall of Famer Joe Namath who played in the Super Bowl of 1969. Usually he thinks the underdogs (Giants as far as oddmakers are concerned) will win but feels they may be over confident, giving the Patriots the edge. Another good selection of picks can be found on the Chicago Tribune where their football writers have made their choices. Again their experts are very split with Matt Bowen calling it for the Patriots to win over the Giants by 24-20 while Dan McNeil sees it as a win for the Giants 31-23. In an unusual twist they also have a Madden 12 video game prediction where EA Sports have run a simulation. That showed a win for the Giants, 27-24!

Over on Fox Sports Chris Corbellini gives 6 predictions for the game and the pick for winner is the Patriots with a scoreline of 28-24. Our final selection comes from Sports Illustrated with experts looking into their crystal balls. Peter King predicts a win for the Giants, 23-20, while Don Banks goes for the Patriots 27-24. There are more expert predictions for the final scores as well as the length of the national anthem and also MVP.

We’ve also embedded a video from CBS Sports below this story with more expert opinions. Finally we’d like to hear your predictions for the Super Bowl XLVI so let us have your comments, will it be the Giants or the Patriots for 2012 victors?

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