2012 Super Bowl Live: Various Methods to Watch

2012 Super Bowl Live: Various Methods to Watch

Excitement is building for the Super Bowl 2012 later today, February 5 and we have details on how to watch the game live so you don’t have to miss a thing. Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVI between the New York Giants and New England Patriots will be watched by millions so read on for more information that you might need on various methods for viewing live.

The action will all take place from the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis where Madonna will feature as half-time entertainment. We’ve already given you the Super Bowl times for wherever you are in the world but as a refresher it begins at 6:30 pm EST. There will of course be earlier pre-game coverage.

If you can get to a TV you can watch live on NBC but if you need online live streaming NBC is also offering that on NBCSports.com for the first time and the good news is it’s free. Online features will include exclusive camera angles, in-game highlights, sideline reports, in-game chats, in-game tweets and on-demand Super Bowl commercials.

You can also head to this Verizon Wireless page for another method of watching the game live online using your smartphone. As well as this if you are a Facebook user MarketWatch tells of a Facebook TV app, which will be available from http://apps.facebook.com/freecasttv when you login, allowing you to watch the Super Bowl directly from your profile page and discuss it with your Facebook friends. If you are interested in other apps directly associated with the Super Bowl check out this previous article.

Ultimately you should be able to watch the Super Bowl 2012 live using various means and with a TV audience last year of over 100 million you certainly won’t be alone! Sit back, relax and enjoy one of the most important sporting occasions of the year and how about sending us your predictions. Will it be the Giants or the Patriots who win the Super Bowl XLVI?

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