Samsung Galaxy S III Confusion Over Release Saga

Samsung Galaxy S III Confusion Over Release Saga

It was way back in September last year that we heard the first rumblings of the Samsung Galaxy S III (S3), rumored for a release in early 2012. At that time it was reported that the Galaxy S III would be introduced at MWC 2012 but over the last week speculation about a release date has turned into a bit of a saga that is confusing to say the least.

We thought we’d fill you in a little to keep you up to speed as what most people really want to know about this Android handset is when they might be able to get their hands on it. We’ve heard various spec rumors since that first post last year but not much new about a release timeframe until last week when it was reported that the Galaxy S III might not make an appearance at MWC in Barcelona (between February 27 and March 1) after all. We passed this news on to our readers and then just afterwards a Samsung executive told how the company was planning a major product launch to tie in with their sponsorship of the 2012 Olympics in the summer, a device that many thought could be the Galaxy S III.

Just in the last few days a series of further launch news has come to light to confuse the issue even further. Firstly Engadget reported that Samsung had now confirmed that the Galaxy S III would not be unveiled at MWC but that Samsung would be holding a separate launch event specifically for the phone in the first half of the year, close to its commercial release. Further to that a possible release date of March 13 was signposted as reported by Unwired View from a source in the Netherlands talking about a release in Turkey. Confused yet? We are! Nobody took this news too seriously but now an April release date has been thrown into the ring.

Today over on BGR, Zach Epstein tells how industry insider Eldar Murtazin now says that the Galaxy S III will release in April. BGR notes that Murtazin has a “proven track record” and of course if the Galaxy S III special launch event is some time after MWC ends in March it would certainly tie in with a possible release in April. However over on Gotta Be Mobile there seems to be a different view of Murtazin’s inside knowledge and the site says that he is “completely hit or miss,” so maybe we should be taking this all with a large pinch of salt after all. Rumored key features and specs for the Galaxy S III are a quad-core processor, HD display, 4G LTE connectivity, 2GB of RAM and running the Android 4.0 ICS operating system so you can see why so many people are avidly awaiting more news.

To be frank the release saga so far is all pretty confusing and we can’t help thinking it will be easier now to wait for some official word from Samsung, but of course then we might miss out on some of the fun! We’ll keep you updated if we hear any more information on this that sounds more promising but hopefully we’re only weeks away now from receiving proper confirmation about this smartphone.

Let us know your thoughts on the Galaxy S III. Are you one of those eagerly waiting for a release? Is there a key feature it would have to include to make it your next smartphone purchase?

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