Timely iPhone 5 Release Could Be as Early as June

Timely iPhone 5 Release Could Be as Early as June

If you’ve been following all the news and speculation regarding the iPhone 5 you’ll know that just about everything that could have been rumored has been. However the main thing that most people seem to want to know about is a release date and from further news today we can tell you that it may now be released in the summer and could in fact be launched as early as June.

A week ago there was some news on this front as a source inside Foxconn leaked information that the iPhone 5 was already being set for production, thus leading to widespread suggestions that Apple may be returning to a summer release for the next-generation iPhone rather than the fall launch for the iPhone 4S last year. This latest news is based on new reports that in fact the iPhone 5 will be unveiled at Apple’s WWDC in June and may release shortly afterwards.

Over on BGR, Zach Epstein reports the source of this most recent information as DigiTimes, a Taiwanese newspaper that has a mixed record of Apple leaks, citing an analyst from Daiwa Securities. There’s not much other information in the report other than the fact that glass-to-glass touch panel technology will still be used but it does make sense that Apple may return to a traditional iPhone reveal at its Worldwide Developer Conference.

As well as this Gotta Be Mobile also details why an iPhone 5 launch in June seems possible and notes that Apple’s WWDC is likely to be between June 10 and 15 this year. Therefore based on previous unveilings, if the iPhone 5 was to show up on June 10 the timing between the announcement and release date could see it hit stores by June 24. Of course we have no way of knowing how accurate this may be but it certainly sounds credible that the iPhone 5 could release in the summer rather than the fall timeframe that most people expected.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Maybe you bought the iPhone 4S in fall and would be disappointed if the next iPhone turned up in less than a year? Perhaps you skipped the iPhone 4S in the hopes that the iPhone 5 may turn up sooner rather than later? Let us know with your comments.

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