PSN Down Again From Today: Sony Times US & UK

PSN Down Again From Today: Sony Times US & UK

Only two weeks ago we informed readers that the Sony PSN would be down again for scheduled maintenance for about 14 hours. Today we have news that the Sony PSN will be down again later today for further scheduled maintenance and this time for a mammoth 18 hours.

Quite why the system requires further maintenance is anybody’s guess but we do know that many of our readers are becoming more and more frustrated about these long periods of PSN outages. The downtime will affect those in Europe and in the U.S as well. The US Playstation Blog says the routine maintenance is scheduled for Thursday February 2 from 6 am PST to midnight, that’s 9 am to the following morning at 3 am EST.

This time around it seems that most online play will still be available and if you are already signed in when the PSN goes down you’ll be able to stay signed in online. However services such as PlayStation Store for PS3, PSP and Media Go, Network Account Management, Network Account Registration, HomeMusic Unlimited and Video Unlimited will be inaccessible. Those who attempt to sign-in after the maintenance has begun may see the site maintenance notification page. Any trophies collected while the maintenance is ongoing will show on your profile when the PSN is back up. If you want to check on the progress of the PSN maintenance head to this US PlayStation Twitter Feed.

Meanwhile the EU PlayStation Blog also details scheduled routine maintenance for Thursday February 2 starting from 2pm to 8am on Friday morning, also 18 hours worth! Again the above services will be unavailable during this time although if you’re signed in before the downtime you should be able to continue online.

Obviously if the PSN needs work to keep the system running smoothly then maintenance time must be allowed for but there seem to be a lot of ‘scheduled maintenance’ times lately and for increasing lengths of time, something that we know will continue to annoy many frequent users. We’d like to hear your thoughts on this latest Sony PSN down time so let us have your comments.

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  • Kstm10

    i will not be buying anything made made by sony anymore, and I do mean anything no tv, phone games computer components of any type

    I am done with sony

  • Walker

    This maintenance has once again brought down the LoveFilm and Netflix apps. I don’t even understand why those apps need to be dependent upon the Playstation Network. I’m still on the free trial of Netflix, but I pay £9.99 a month for LoveFilm and only watch streamed movies on the PS3… so it’s beyond frustrating.

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