Kentucky Bridge Collapse Leads to Closure

Kentucky Bridge Collapse Leads to Closure

Parts of a bridge in southwest Kentucky collapsed last night after an impact from a cargo ship. The Eggner Ferry Bridge was struck by the Delta Mariner on Thursday evening but there are no reports so far of anyone being injured.

It is not clear where the ship was travelling to when it hit the bridge, which opened in 1932 and carries around 2,800 cars daily. A Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spokesman, Keith Todd, said the boat struck the main span of the bridge at US Highway 68 and Kentucky Highway 80 and said, “At this point, we don’t believe there was any loss of life,” referring to both the bridge and on the boat, according to an Associated Press report.

The bridge connects Marshall and Trigg counties across Kentucky Lake and is situated between Kenlake State Park and the Lakes National Recreation Area close to Murray, according to As the bridge was closed those drivers needing to cross the Kentucky Lake Reservoir and Tennessee River were rerouted across dozens of miles. Access to boat traffic was also closed off near the site by the Coast Guard. An inspection of the bridge is to take place to assess the damage. The bridge was already under development but had not yet been replaced.

Robert Parker is a driver who was on the northbound section of the bridge, travelling with his wife at around 8pm. He told how they were driving in the dark when they spotted a missing 20-feet section of the span ahead and immediately he slammed on the brakes. Fortunately he came to a stop around five feet from the edge followed by another two cars and also a car on the other side of the missing section.

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