Xbox 720 GPU detals ahead of possible 2013 release

Xbox 720 GPU detals ahead of possible 2013 release

The anticipation for the next Xbox from Microsoft is building, even though a release is still some time away. We recently told how some were expecting an appearance of the Xbox 720 at E3 in June and we now have some more news about the GPU for the next-generation console and a possible release timeframe in 2013.

We’re referring to the console as the Xbox 720 as this is the name being most-widely used but of course it could eventually be released with a different moniker. The Xbox Loop is another name that has been bandied about for example. Details of the GPU for the Xbox 720 have now leaked and if this is accurate there will be a lot of very excited gamers about as it seems the Xbox 720 will have up to 6 times more raw graphics power than the Xbox 360.

It’s reported by IGN that the Xbox 720 will include a GPU that’s based on the AMD 6000 chip series, possibly the Radeon HD 6670, which would mean a 20% performance improvement over the upcoming Wii U, according to “sources close to the project.” IGN also tells how developer kits are likely to be sent out this August with an eventual release for the Xbox 720 set for October/November 2013.

Cnet reports how back in October, website Develop said the next Xbox would release in 2013 and an Xbox team source confirmed this, so this latest news certainly backs that up. Looks like the rumors are beefing up then and we’d like to know how you feel about the purported GPU for the Xbox 720 and also the claimed release date? Let us have your comments.

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