Earthquake of Mag 4.7 Hits Hawaii: Hundreds Report Feeling It

Earthquake of Mag 4.7 Hits Hawaii: Hundreds Report Feeling It

A magnitude 4.7 earthquake struck the island of Hawaii on Sunday afternoon and several aftershocks followed. A preliminary report of the earthquake measured it as a magnitude 5.0 quake but that was later revised down. Thankfully there have been no injuries or major damage reported so far.

The quake hit on Sunday, January 22 4:36pm local time, that’s Monday, January 23 at 02:36 UTC. The epicenter of the mag 4.7 quake was 9 miles (15 km) south of Fern Forest, 11 miles (17km) from Volcano, 20 miles (33 km) southwest of Hawaiian Beaches, 26 miles (41 km) south of Hilo or 222 miles (357 km) southeast of Honolulu, according to the USGS. The depth was 5 miles (8.1 km) and the National Weather Service reported no tsunami threat.

Many people across the island reported feeling the temblor and shaking and in the hours following the initial quake there were around 20 aftershocks, the largest of which was magnitude 3.1 according to CBS News. Michael Yoshimura of the Hawaii State Civil Defense said that no damage or injuries had occurred. The 4.7 quake hit close to the Holei Pali area of Kilauea’s south flank and a Hawaiian Volcano Observatory spokeswoman, Janet Babb, said that 8 earthquakes of magnitude 4.5 or more have occurred there since 1983.

Hundreds of people have reported to the USGS that they felt shaking from the quake. You can read official statements from the Hawaii County Civil Defense and also the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory here at We’re interested to hear whether you felt the quake in Hawaii so let us hear your experiences and your location by sending your comments.

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