LTE iPad 3 Latest Report: Shores Up Previous Rumors

LTE iPad 3 Latest Report: Shores Up Previous Rumors

We know how many readers are interested in the latest developments of Apple’s next iPad, probably to be named the iPad 3. We’ve given you details of plenty of rumors and speculation about this iconic tablet and there is now further info that supports much of the previous news and adds some more details.

The latest information states an iPad 3 release date of March with a higher-resolution screen, improved processor and also LTE connectivity. Much of this has been rumored before so we are not exactly surprised. Nevertheless it’s always a positive sign when a new report underpins some of what we are all anticipating for the next iPad. Especially, when the news comes from Bloomberg. The report cites three sources “familiar with the product” for this latest information and states that production of the iPad 3 has already started and will be in full production in February.

Two of Bloomberg’s three sources also said there would be a quad-core processor, something we’ve touched on previously and frankly we’d be disappointed now if that were not accurate. One source also told how the next iPad would feature 4G LTE connectivity and that it was coming to the iPad before the iPhone because of the iPad’s bigger battery and the fact that the tablet is better equipped to support the technology involved. However at the weekend we told how 4G LTE connectivity is very likely and hotly-anticipated for the iPhone 5, although as that’s not expected until the fall the iPad 3 would indeed be the first of the two devices to have it.

There’s also more information about the much talked about improved higher-resolution display with a source saying it has more pixels than some HD TV’s. In fact this person said that the pixels are so small that the “images look like printed material.” As well as this, enhanced graphics processing will allow videos to play almost instantly. It’s always encouraging to hear further endorsement of previous rumors when it comes to Apple products but as always we have to point out that Apple is guarding it’s next big launch and none of this is yet confirmed.

You may also be interested in an article over on ZDNet with their take on why Apple seems to be choosing the iPad to support LTE before the iPhone. We’re interested to hear your views on the iPad 3. Are you expecting quad-core, LTE, a release in March and a higher-resolution display? What for you is the most important? Let us know with your comments.

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