UFC 142 Gripping Aldo Vs Mendes with Fight Video

UFC 142 Gripping Aldo Vs Mendes with Fight Video

UFC 142 took place last night from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and what an electrifying display it was. The main event was the featherweight championship between Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes and this bout sure lived up to the anticipation. Read on to find out more on the gripping Aldo vs. Mendes fight and you can also watch some highlights on the fight video below this story.

The fight between Brazilian Aldo and the USA’s Mendes was a real thriller and exactly the kind of stuff that can only enhance the reputation of UFC. Previously undefeated Mendes couldn’t get past the first round of the scheduled five-round fight leaving Aldo in jubilant form in front of a home crowd.

The fight began with first Mendes and then both men exchanging leg kicks before punching began. Mendes struck Aldo a couple of good blows and before too long had Aldo against the cage holding him in a rear waistlock. With only ten seconds of the round to go we could not have foreseen that the final seconds would provide such thrills but Aldo managed to free himself and while still clutching Mendes’s wrist connected with a brutal knee to the forehead that laid him completely flat. After Aldo quickly landed a couple more punches the referee stepped in and Aldo won the bout in 4:59 of the round.

Aldo responded to his win by running among the ecstatic crowd crowd and you can well imagine how that home crowd reacted to their hero. After the fight Aldo said, “This is the spirit I wanted to come out with tonight. The fans here gave me so much energy. We knew Chad was going to try to take me off my feet. We prepared for that and I had a chance to land the knee. It connected and I finished the fight. I was so overcome with emotion that I wanted to celebrate with my people.” Mendes spoke graciously about his opponent saying, “Jose’s a great champion. He’s a tough dude. That was the best I felt for any fight, and he got me.”

This fight showed everything that is good about UFC and no doubt UFC president Dana White will be well-satisfied at the latest UFC meeting. Remember you can see a highlights video below. We’ll be back with more news from the post-fight press conference later so check back with us. You may also want to take a look at our full UFC 142 results article.

We’re interested to hear your thoughts on Aldo vs. Mendes so let us have your comments. Do you think fights such as this will continue to make UFC even more popular?


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