Powerful Earthquakes Hit Christchurch New Zealand Again

Powerful Earthquakes Hit Christchurch New Zealand Again

As if the people of Christchurch, New Zealand haven’t suffered from enough earthquake activity in recent times, the region has now been hit by more powerful earthquakes. Fortunately there does not appear to have been any serious damage and there was no tsunami alert issued. There have been several reports of minor injuries but so far no serious injuries have been reported.

The first quake struck on Friday afternoon just before 2pm around 16 miles north of Christchurch and had a magnitude of 5.8 at a depth of 2.5 miles according to the US Geological Survey, as reported by USA Today. Just afterwards there was a magnitude 5.3 aftershock and another hour later another 5.8 magnitude quake occurred, again at a depth of less than 3 miles. GNS Science, New Zealand’s geological agency measured the magnitude of the latter earthquake at 6.0. You can see some raw video footage of what happened when the latest quakes struck, in a YouTube video below this story.

The tremors were enough to shake buildings, make things fall off shelves and cause road damage. One person was taken to hospital from a city mall and another four were caught in a rock fall and needed to be rescued. Tony Dowell, the operations manager for Christchurch St. John Ambulance, said that around 60 people needed treatment for minor injuries, including people with fractures, fall injuries and some with “emotional difficulties.” However he stated that there were no reports of “significant injuries.”

Many of the city’s buildings and the airport were evacuated following the first quake. The demolitions manager for the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority, Warwick Isaac told New Zealand’s National Radio that liquefaction had occurred in several areas. This results when an earthquake forces water from underground up through the soil. Some 26,000 homes in Christchurch also lost power according to Orion CEO Rob Jamieson although it was hoped that the power could be restored by nightfall.

It was in September, 2010 that Christchurch suffered a major magnitude 7.0 earthquake and subsequently has received thousands more temblors. In February, 2011 another earthquake with a magnitude of 6.3 killed 182 people and caused devastating damage. Pretty frightening stuff for the people in of Christchurch and our thoughts are with them. If you experienced the latest New Zealand earthquakes then let us know by sending your comments and telling us what happened to you.

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