Best Prime Rib Recipe Selections 2011

Best Prime Rib Recipe Selections 2011

Christmas is almost upon us and we’ve been giving you ideas and suggestions to help out in the preparations. Among our many posts so far have been Yummy Christmas Cookie recipes. Time to turn our attention to something savory though and we know how many of you enjoy prime rib at this time of year so today we’ve rounded up some of the very best selections of prime rib recipes for you.

Prime rib is a feast that many people love because of its full flavor, juiciness and tenderness (if cooked right). It’s also very versatile and many people have their own preferred method of cooking prime rib but if you’re not sure how to go about it or want to try some new trusted recipes then try out any of the following.

First off there’s which gives a great introduction to Perfect Prime Rib. There’s advice on how to choose your roast, how much you’ll need to buy, how to season it, tips for roasting and times and temperatures. This also tell you the real secret to a perfect prime rib and I couldn’t recommend this advice enough. There’s also a link to a selection of other prime rib recipes such as Cajun Prime Rib Roast, Foolproof Rib Roast and even Prime Rib Soup for any leftovers.

Next up and is another great source for prime rib recipes with 30 in total so there has to be something here that’s just right for you. Each recipe has a star rating and includes ingredients, directions, prep time, cooking time and difficulty ratings (don’t worry they start with easy!). You’ll find delights here such as Roast Prime Rib of Beef with Horseradish Crust, Roasted Prime Rib with Thyme and Marsala and Oak Grilled Prime Rib Chop.

A really comprehensive guide to the perfect prime rib roast can be found on, which gives every basic for getting it right that you could think of. It gives you guidance on residual heat or carry-over cooking, how to hold cooked rib roast, what to ask for when purchasing a roast and cooking charts for weights and times. There’s also advice on how to carve a prime rib roast and even instructions for how to sharpen your carving knife using two different methods. You can’t really go wrong here as the same webpage also has accompaniments such as Yorkshire Puddings, a Horseradish Sauce and a Prime Rib Gravy.

Our final selection is from, which boasts to have the ‘perfect prime rib recipe for every occasion.’ You’ll find recipes such as Blackened Prime Rib, Christmas Prime Rib with Gravy, Mustard Coated Prime Rib and Smoked Cherry Cola Prime Rib. For those of you (and myself) that like a bit of guidance about how it’s supposed to look then this site also has a great selection of videos such as Prime Rib Au Jus, How to Make Yorkshire Pudding and Seared and Blackened Prime Rib.

We’re pretty sure that you’ll find exactly the recipe that suits you from the many suggestions here. If you think you have the perfect prime rib recipe and wish to share it then let us have your comments or tips below. You may also be interested in our best Christmas quotes article and ideas for Christmas party games and jokes but for now all that there remains to say is Happy cooking and Merry Christmas!

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