Runaway Cart at Dallas Cowboys Stadium Injures 7 – with Video

Runaway Cart at Dallas Cowboys Stadium Injures 7 – with Video

We often like to bring you news about viral or unusual events on video and just recently told you about the fare-dodger on a train incident and also a reindeer race would you believe. Today we have another rather bizarre video to share with you, this time when a runaway cart injured 7 on a sports field.

The incident occurred at the Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington, Texas after a high school football game between Spring Dekaney and Cibolo Steele on Saturday. For some unknown reason the unmanned electric cart suddenly sped across the pitch heading straight towards some officials. Willie Amendola, Spring Dekaney’s coach, was being interviewed at the time and was one of the people struck by the cart, which bowled him right over. You can see a video of what happened below this story, courtesy of YouTube.

The accident was caught on film by TV cameras and it seemed that Amendola, who was thrown backwards into the passenger seat, tried briefly to get control of the cart by grabbing the steering wheel before he was thrown off onto the turf. Others were mown down by the cart and the field was soon strewn with shocked and injured people needing attendance. Fortunately the injuries were minor, according to BBC News, with only one person needing to be taken to hospital.

The cart was eventually stopped when a field worker ran down the pitch, climbed aboard and brought it under control. A commentator on air at the time said, “We have a disturbance down the field. Apparently one of the carts on the field got loose and I think there have been some folks injured in this. Oh my! That’s like a runaway cart there. And it finally took someone to stop it. That’s a scary thing,” according to The Telegraph.

Taking a look at the video it does seem as though something could have been trapped on the accelerator of the cart. We’re glad there were no serious injuries from this incident and if you have any thoughts about what happened then let us have your comments.

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