Reindeer Racing YouTube Video: Dasher Takes it at the Line

Reindeer Racing YouTube Video: Dasher Takes it at the Line

Every now and then we like to give you a look at the bizarre or amusing side of life and what could be more bizarre than a reindeer race. We sometimes feature YouTube videos that have gone viral, such as the recent ‘train fare-dodger’ and although this one hasn’t hit magic figures we thought it was so entertaining it was worth sharing with you. After all it is close to Christmas!

It seems the reindeer race took place yesterday at Kempton Park in England, UK, usually a venue for horseracing. Eight reindeers turned up at the course, all with their antlers eagerly pointing towards the finish line. They are of course, named after Santa’s reindeer. Who knows, they may be Santa’s very own, warming up for the Christmas sleigh run! You can see the YouTube video of the race below his story.

According to Sky News, conditions were mighty chilly as the reindeer ran the final furlong of the course at Kempton. After a somewhat inglorious start when they seemed unsure quite what to do, a few began to gallop down the course, eventually followed by the others in what turned out to be a thrilling race. Amused racegoers cheered wildly as the reindeer got into their stride and it was Number 1, Dasher, a five-year-old who took the win, with Donner second and Vixen third.

Sky News adds that it is unknown whether the reindeer will get back to Lapland in time for Christmas Eve but here at Only Kent, we’re sure they will. Their brief spell at Kempton Park must have seemed like a walk in the park by comparison to their annual marathon deliveries. You may also be interested in following Santa’s reindeer on Christmas Eve with the NORAD Santa tracker so hit the link for more on that.

We’d love to hear what you think about the reindeer race at Kempton Park so check out the video below and let us have your comments.

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