Smaller Apple iPad As Well as iPad 3 for Next Year

Smaller Apple iPad As Well as iPad 3 for Next Year

We know how many of our readers are keen to hear about the next-generation Apple iPad even though the current iPad 2 only came out earlier this year. Recently there have been reports that an iPad 3 could come as early as spring 2012, possibly even in February, and today we have more news about the iPad 3 and also rumors of a smaller iPad.

Among other recent rumors we’ve also told you about speculation concerning an LTE iPad 3, which we think would go down a storm and also we heard recently about a higher-resolution display for the iPad 3. Now we are hearing reports that smaller 7.85-inch iPads may begin being produced in the in the second quarter of 2012. A smaller iPad is not a completely new idea to us as back in November we told of reports about a new smaller iPad screen being developed by LG, although this was for a 7.35-inch display.

Now Jake Smith over on 9to5Mac tells of a new Digitimes report about a 7.85-inch iPad to begin production in Q2 of next year for release before Q4. However, this is not thought to be the iPad 3, which is still being reported for release in the first quarter of 2012, merely a smaller iPad to follow. Digitimes quotes “sources in the supply chain” as they often do and it has to be said has a mixed record of accuracy regarding news on upcoming Apple products. Nevertheless as a smaller iPad is something we’ve been hearing of for some time, this report could be correct. The report also infers that a smaller iPad is in reponse to the success of Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Manufacturers for the new 7.85-inch iPad are likely to be LG and also AU Optronics.

More news on the iPad comes from Slash Lane of Apple Insider who tells about a component that purports to be from the iPad 3. This component is said to be a microphone flex cable ribbon replacement and is listed for sale by parts reseller Indications from the component suggest a major interior redesign for the iPad 3 as there is a different arrangement in internal circuitry.

One thing for sure is that the next few months for iPad enthusiasts are set to be very interesting indeed and we shall endeavor to keep you informed about further speculation and news on Apple’s iPad/s. We’d like to hear your thoughts on the latest rumors about a smaller iPad. Would you be interested? Let us know with your comments.

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