Republican Debate & Ron Paul: Disagreement on Winners & Losers

Republican Debate & Ron Paul: Disagreement on Winners & Losers

Here at Only Kent we’ve been following the GOP debates and the presidential candidates campaigns and we’ve noted that one person, Ron Paul, seems to elicit more comments from readers than any others and has very solid support. The final Iowa republican debate before the Iowa caucus took place last night and we’ve noted that mainstream media seems to be in disagreement about the winners and losers from the debate and split in opinion over Ron Paul.

We’ve recently told about how Ron Paul’s popularity in New Hampshire was on the rise and also how he was now second in a recent Iowa poll, pushing Mitt Romney into third. The 13th debate last night took place in Sioux City, Iowa and featured the seven GOP candidates. The articles about winners and losers of the latest debate seem to show mainstream media completely split down the middle with some including Ron Paul as a winner, while others list him under losers.

For example, taking a look at Ron Paul was declared a loser in the debate. The article points to his response on Iran as possibly a vote-loser and also claims that Paul looked “testy and agitated.” The Examiner feels that a third place position for Paul may now have slipped away and says he was “disjointed.”

Out next look though is at a ABCNews post that lists the debate winners, including Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, and Ron Paul. With regards to Ron Paul the opinions was that he was “energized, engaged and articulate” and acted as a frontfrunner. CBS felt that this was probably his best debate performance yet.

However this differs greatly to the Washington Post’s summing up of the debate. Winning candidates included Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney but this time Ron Paul went down as a loser again, along with Newt Gingrich. Criticism of Paul’s performance in the debate included him wasting too much time defending his foreign policy opinion, which the Washington Post felt was out of step with the average Republican voter.

Over on there was only one winner though and that was Newt Gingrich. Rick Santorum was the only loser while Ron Paul and the remaining candidates were all runners up in the debate. Ron Paul was described as “marches to a different drummer” but we’d say that can just as much be a positive thing as a negative. Strange, how the pendulum of winners and losers swings back and forth. If you missed the debate and want to take a look at the performances of all the candidates to judge for yourself, then BostInno has videos from the debate that you can view.

We’d really like to hear your views on winners and losers from the republican debate last night. Do you think Ron Paul is still in the race? Do you think it ‘s odd that the media has so many contrasting views on Ron Paul, or maybe that’s par for the course for any political candidate? Let us know with your comments.

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  • Angie Clark Davidson

    I think that Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate who will get independent and democratic votes when in comes to foreign policy. The rest of the group, especially Bachmann, looked like a bunch of hyped up warmongers up on that stage. He may “march to a different drummer” but that’s exactly what the disgruntled Dems and Independents are looking for: not your run of the mill Washington bureaucrat.

  • Matt Roach

    This is the first election year where I feel openly and unabashedly manipulated by the media. The very fact that Ron Paul was being so aggressively maligned and awkwardly ignored made me look harder into his beliefs and views. It’s was blessing in disguise too, because it made me a 100% supporter of Dr Paul.
    Anyone who doesn’t know what the Federal Reserve is or anyone who maybe thinks it’s part of our government needs to do some research on it. Central banks like the Fed have been committing and/or facilitating murder and genocide for centuries. It’s astonishing. Needless to say, they own the media too and they sure aren’t go to just let a politician come in and end them.

  • Kynthia

    I think Ron Paul is leading the race! He is the only one telling the truth and offering a stronger national DEFENSE! His solutions make perfect sense and so does his foreign policy. Most Americans are so used to being lied to, the truth sounds to far out there for them.

  • James Barbaria

    Ron Paul has the backing of the intel of the CIA AND Paul Wolfwitz stating the EXACT same narrative. All the rest are parroting Paul on what is getting them votes making them “look” like true conservatives and fear mongering war propaganda down our throats. LIES!!! WE’RE MAD AS HELL, AND WE’RE NOT GONNA” TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

  • Lobiz

    Dr. Paul won by a long shot. He stayed true to his beliefs which is much more than can be said about the other “front-runners.” If he got as much attention as Newt “Get-Rich” Gingrich then he would be #1 in every state. His foreign policy makes a lot of sense. We don’t attack countries, they won’t attack us. and if they harm our interests then when talk about it, not launch a full scale war, or in the real world, “military conflict” since no wars are declared these days. Ron Paul 2012!!

  • Philip Petracca

    There are two clear choices in this GOP race, more WARS or PEACE!

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Guy Montag

    Americans are fed up with this perpetual state of war and the polls reflect that, no matter how hard the media continues their narrative about Ron Paul’s message being out of the norm.

    Curious how the very people who’re charged with fighting these crusades are OVERWHELMINGLY donating to the Ron Paul campaign.

    Why do our soldiers support Ron Paul? Because he’s the only candidate they believe will end these crusades.

    A vote for anyone but Ron Paul means more of the same psychotic foreign policy that’s gotten us where we are today.

    Thousands of dead soldiers, not to mention all the civilian deaths, and a new generation of middle easterners who despise us even more than previous generations.

    Yesterday the Iraqi’s took back the reigns of power in their country as Sec. Panetta addressed the troops and we lowered the flag.

    NOBODY from the Iraqi Government EVEN ATTENDED THE CEREMONY!!

    That’s the “success” of the war in Iraq, the very people we “liberated” were so grateful for our “help” that they declined to even show up for Panetta’s event.

    Stop the insanity and end this globetrotting nonsense that NEVER produces the results we’re promised.

    A Jeffersonian republic isn’t EVER going to take root by our aegis in these countries, it’s amazing some people still are drinking the KoolAid that this war was worth fighting.

    Most importantly, we’re long past broke and not a single so-called “conservative” can answer the question as to where the money will come from to continue these crusades.

    I say all this as a registered member of the GOP who once believed the rationale for these wars, but now admits we were lied to about going to war and won’t get fooled again.

    Stop the war drums already, our foreign policy is truly psychotic and a large source of why we’ve lost credibility in the world as a source of freedom.

    Ron Paul 2012
    Character, consistency, integrity

  • Greenemerald-

    The most interesting thing for Americans is that they will be at war with Iran in a couple of years. I did not think it was general american concensus to go to war with Iran. To an Irish man I always thought the general public wanted peace not war, and that they would be agianst another war. But judging by the debates the other candidates obviously believe the audience and republican voters want war??? If there not assuring the voters they will go to war who are they assuring????

  • Gerald20

    Ron Paul has said the litmus test over whether we should go to war is “Would you be willing to give your own life for the war?” or “Would you be willng to give upone of your sons to the war?” If the answer is no, then you shouldn’t be so anxious for others to lose their life or their sons. As an American, we are constantly fed War Propoganda, ( Weapons of Mass Destruction! A mushroom cloud over America!, etc.) Dr. Paul has served in a war, but the other candidates have not. Maybe if they knew more about war, they wouldn’t be so willing for others to lose their life over war propaganda.

  • soot

    I agree with the comment by Philip — it sounded to me like my US foreign policy choices are a) we aggressively engage others in warfare whether declared or not or b) we aggressively try to avoid engaging others in warfare, but reserve war as a last resort with other tactics fail. It sounded to me like only Ron Paul supports option b.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Mike Pastore

    Ron Paul won the debate on principle and Integrity. It is simply un-American to even consider another candidate with what Dr. Paul stands for…are you people out of your mind? Do you understand why we fought the American Revolution?? Seems obvious you have. If you think his stance on Iran is wrong you are a fool. The constitution does not allow meddling in the internal affairs of other nations. Our national security is not threatened. It is the same propaganda that caused the Iraq war and look what a massive waste of lives and money that turned out to be…If we can avoid war with the soviets when the had 1000’s of missiles pointed at us, Iran is a cake walk.
    Go back and read the Constitution people. There was very specific reasons for what it does and does not allow.

  • Ian

    Does anyone really believe in the wardrums, and Iran being a real threat? The #1 threat to our country is our financial stability. Central bankers are working really hard to crash the dollar for some reason, and benefit from the crash.

  • Jclodfe

    I would say the main stream media is the loser as they have a real problem with even saying the name Ron Paul on TV there afraid some of there big dollar corprate suporters will bail on them if they happen to talk about him a little to much, because their afraid they won’t continue to get all their Government subsidized program then they would have to compete with all the mom and pop companies, that made this country great.

  • cma cma

    The Obama-Paul line of accommodation, apology, and appeasement towards radical Islam and Iran. “…for you to say maybe in a year they might have a weapon, there’s a lot more saying they don’t have it.” The only evidence that Paul will accept is an atomic weapon in Iran’s hands. His policy of preemptive surrender and submission to radical Islam is the blueprint for national suicide for the U.S. I trust Michele Bachmann. She is as smart as a whip and tougher than steel–the little lady with a spine of titanium. She is loved by patriotic Americans; she is hated by the jihadist’s “useful idiots.”

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