Train Fare-Dodger Eviction YouTube Video : Becomes Viral Hit

Train Fare-Dodger Eviction YouTube Video :  Becomes Viral Hit

Every now and then we like to give you news on videos that have gone viral on YouTube and today we have another about a train fare-doger in Scotland. When the train conductor continuously asks a passenger to get off the train because of non-payment, another passenger comes to the rescue and forcibly evicts the youth from the train, earning himself a round of applause from others travelling.

The two and a half minute Internet hit video, which you can see below this story, shows a young man persistently arguing with the conductor and handily includes sub-titles for what’s being said, just in case some of you can’t come to grips with the Scottish accents! The incident was filmed on the Scotrail Edinburgh to Perth Service on December 9 and first off shows the conductor asking a passenger to leave and saying to him, “I can sit here all night, I’m getting paid for this, but these folk will start moaning. Not at me, at you. Why should they pay and you no?”

The youth insists he has paid although he only has a single ticket that is not valid for his journey and then starts swearing at the conductor. After a brief stand off, obviously causing a delay to the train, another passenger steps forward. To be frank we wouldn’t have argued with him. After asking the conductor, “Is there a problem here” the burly chap then says, “Do you want me to get him off for you?” After a response from the guard the man then gets hold of the young fare-dodger and forces him to the door before evicting him from the train. Although the youth then tried to get back on the train he was blocked by the have-a-go passenger.

As the train doors close to continue the journey and the burly man heads back to his seat, other passengers respond with a round of applause and a shout of “Cheers big man.” According to Sky News a spokesman for ScotRail said of the incident, “While we welcome the public’s support of our zero-tolerance stance on anti-social behaviour, our staff are trained in conflict management and we do not expect members of the public to take matters into their own hands. We are investigating the incident, which appears to show a person travelling without a valid ticket, refusing to pay for the journey, and swearing at a staff member in full view of customers.”

Although this seems like a rather po-faced response to us, we suspect that many will applaud the man who took control of the situation and managed to get the fare-dodger off the train. Indeed a look at YouTube now shows that the video has been viewed more than 444,000 times. Take a look at the video, which we’ve embedded below and let us know your thoughts on the actions of the plucky passenger by sending us your comments.

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  • Manda

    Rather than attack the youth how about asking him if he had enough money to get home? That would have got my round of applause. Lets just hope he managed to get home safely…….

  • Getalife

    Yeah, give him a lif home make his tea and wipe his arse, get a life you donkey

  • durhamdaz

    how would you feel if it was your son .scotrail must have a policy on how to deal with this . if he was violent then yeh intervine. the lad was just sat . embaressed. call the police and see to the lad at the next stop. would you throw off or treat a pensioner like that .come on a bit of common sence

  • Tugboat Annie

    You Scots are awesome! Over here our conductors actually discourage hulking bullies from wailing on small poor people. But not only did yours encourage it, the people on the train treated it as an entertainment. But I’m curious, who would be liable for the boy’s injuries, the rail or the heroic vigilante?

  • Mr James Bolton

    well done to the chap sorting out the fare dodger,it was nice to see honest people standing up to be counted.

  • Anonymous

    Now the Big Man has been charged with assault! No wonder that this once great country has become a cess-pit of crime and a magnet for criminals from all over the European Union. It is long past time that the law was slanted in favour of decent people instead of being slanted in favour of scumbags.

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