Lunar Eclipse, Watch Time-Lapse Video : December 2011

Lunar Eclipse, Watch Time-Lapse Video : December 2011

There was a very special experience earlier today with a total lunar eclipse visible in large parts of Australia, Asia and North America. We gave information on the times and then how you could watch live coverage of the event. Although the eclipse is now over an done we thought many of you might be interested in a time-lapse video showing how this amazing event unfolded along with details of where to find some great photos.

The lunar eclipse totality occurred between 6:06am and 6:57am PT, Saturday December 10 and from reader comments to our previous posts we know that many of you enjoyed the experience of watching it. Now you can relive the moments, or see what you missed, with a time-lapse video, viewable below this story. The video comes courtesy of and will show you the lunar eclipse over the course of nearly two minutes to give you a good look at how the eclipse evolved but in a much shorter space of time.

Millions of people who watched the lunar eclipse as it happened had spectacular views. Although there will be penumbral or partial lunar eclipses in 2012 and 2013, there will not be a further total lunar eclipse until April 2014 and the next will also be able to be seen from the U.S. Earlier we told how the SLOOH Space Camera was showing live coverage of today’s lunar eclipse and now we note that the countdown until the next live coverage of a lunar eclipse has already begun. That’s on June 4, 2012, or T-Minus 176 days, 10 hours, 15 minutes and 47 seconds as we speak.

Also if you’d like to see some amazing images of today’s lunar eclipse then check out an article over on which shows readers’ own photographs that they’ve sent in. There are some beautiful images, one from Lahore, Pakistan and others from various US states. One particularly stunning image is a composite photo showing the last partial stages from New Mexico.

Remember you can view the time-lapse video of the total lunar eclipse today, below this story. We’d like to hear your thoughts on the eclipse. Did you view it as it happened? Was it worth getting up early for in your opinion? Let us know with your comments.

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  • Babydriver1972

    Ok, is it just me? I’m sure from watching this video more than a few times , that at the very bottom of the moon something flies across the bottom from right to left and it looks like a rocket; a pointed type of vehicle. If you saw tjis as well, please email me. I know I saw something before the moon goes dark. Maggie/ Illinois

  • starssovuva

    This is a timelapse so what you could have seen is a plane!

  • Nathaniel_badida

    yah!!! i see an amazing lunar eclapse last december 10… I like it but sometimes my mother get angry to me cause of our belief…

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