Madeleine McCann 2011 Review Progress: Credible Hope?

Madeleine McCann 2011 Review Progress: Credible Hope?

It hardly seems believable that it is now over 4 years since little Madeleine McCann disappeared from a holiday apartment in Portugal. Despite the length of time that has passed many people still think of her and hope that eventually there may be a happy reunion. Today we have heard that progress is being made in the review of the case by police.

It was May 2007 that Madeleine vanished from a flat in Praia da Luz in the Algarve when she was only three years old. She has never been traced and we still don’t know the circumstances that led to her disappearance. A massive investigation took place by Portuguese police with Leicestershire police assistance but despite worldwide media attention and many different leads and potential sightings the nightmare for her parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, goes on.

The investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance was officially shelved in 2008. However in May this year a review into the case was launched after backing from the Prime Minister and Home Secretary Theresa May and it is believed that up to 30 officers are working on the Madeleine case. It was thought that most of the review would be paper-based but it is now reported that Scotland Yard detectives looking for new lead have made at least three trips to Portugal. Last month a team also made a three-day trip to Barcelona for talks with Spanish police.

Yesterday police sources confirmed, “We are making progress” according to the Gerry and Kate McCann also acknowledged the news and praised police efforts yesterday (Monday) by saying, “We are pleased the review is making progress.” It is believed that the three-man team from Scotland Yard’s Operation Grange squad who visited Spain between November 23 and 25 spoke about an earlier line of inquiry that suggested Madeleine might have been kidnapped and taken across the border into Spain by a paedophile gang. This followed several potential sightings of the missing child in the days that followed her disappearance. We’re also informed that the trip was to lay the groundwork for further communications with police in both Portugal and Spain.

Sky News speculates on the police visit to Barcelona suggesting that it may be connected with a sighting of a Victoria Beckham look-alike there who was spotted outside a restaurant asking somebody, “Have you got the girl?” At this point though that is purely conjecture. It is not known that there has been any kind of major breakthrough but a Scotland Yard spokeswoman said yesterday, “The review continues. There has been very good co-operation with Portuguese authorities and liaison will continue. We are not prepared to discuss specific details of these visits nor speculate about any future deployments to Portugal or elsewhere.” The review caused a certain amount of consternation with some politicians pointing out that the Operation Grange team reviewing Madeleine’s case was completely committed to that one investigation whereas other teams had to handle several cases at once. However, Madeleine’s parents remain convinced that a major breakthrough may still occur from it.

When the review was announced Gerry and Kate McCann wrote on the Find Madeleine website about their gratitude for the “highly valuable procedure” and called it a “major step forward.” The couple also makes it clear that they will never give up hope of finding Madeleine saying, “There is absolutely nothing to suggest that Madeleine has been harmed. Madeleine is still missing and someone needs to be looking for her. She is very young and vulnerable and needs our help. We love her dearly and miss her beyond words.” You can view a poignant video of the McCann family four years on, below this story.

We still find Madeleine’s disappearance sad beyond words and although we can understand the controversy about the amount of resources being poured into the review of her case, it would be extremely harsh to deny any chance of finding Madeleine to her parents. We’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Do you think that the review could credibly turn up something new? Let us have your comments on this.

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  • Claudia Bradford

    We don’t know that Madeleine was abducted. Just as there is a lack of evidence that the parents and/or their friends were involved, there is a equal lack of evidence that the child was abducted. I only hope that the review team explore all avenues, and not just the story sold to us by the McCanns and bulk of the media.

  • Jolie Adams

    While there has been no definitive legal proof that Madeleine has been harmed, there is plenty of evidence in the official Portuguese investigation police files that points to the likelihood of Madeleine’s death in Apt. 5A, no matter how much the McCanns and their supporters deny it. In fact, the legal summary of the final report signed by The Republic’s Prosecutor José de Magalhaes e Menezes and The Joint General Prosecutor Joao Melchior Gomes on July 21, 2008, when the case was archived, states that:


    Concerning the other indicated crimes, they are no more than that and despite our perception that, DUE TO ITS HIGH DEGREE OF PROBABILITY, the occurrence of a HOMICIDE cannot be discarded, such cannot be more than a mere supposition, due to the lack of sustaining elements in the files.


    [CAPS added by me for emphasis]

    [you can read the official PJ files at mccannpjfiles website online]

    Not enough evidence to prosecute is not the same as no evidence.

    Highly trained and valuable British cadaver and blood dogs alerted only to the McCanns’ holiday flat and rental car and Kate’s clothes and Madeleine’s stuffed toy. These very same individual dogs, Eddie and Keela, have helped solve many crimes in the UK and other nations successfully, including the Kate Prout murder case.

    The British ambassador, Alexander Wykeham Ellis, told his US counterpart in Sep 2007 that the British police were the ones who had developed the evidence that pointed to the McCann parents being involved. [source: The Guardian article “WikiLeaks cables: UK police ‘developed’ evidence against McCanns” published December 13, 2010]

    If political interference with the Portuguese investigation hadn’t taken place, this crime would have likely been solved satisfactorily in 2007.

    I have read from Portuguese reports that Scotland Yard has NOT been coordinating with Portuguese authorities during their alleged review of the McCann case, despite SY’s claims. [source: article “Maddie: Attorney General’s Office not part of new investigations” by Paula Oliveira, dated December 6, 2011, published on Joana Morais’ blog]

  • GasparStatement

    Jolie is spot on. At first the UK media mentioned that Eddie the cadaver dog deployed so successfully in the Prout case is the same dog who marked death scent in the McCann apartment, boot of hire car and clothes. Then all references were wiped, due to threats from Carter Ruck, no doubt. A similar case of a child going missing in America has a news blackout in the UK so the similarities cannot be observed. WHAT IS GOING ON?

  • Jolie Adams

    Will the UK press fully cover the libel trial in Lisbon this February 2012 when retired Portugese detective Gonçalo Amaral, who initially headed the McCann case, presents official evidence from the investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance to defend himself against the McCanns’ libel charges? Kate and Gerry McCann attempted to have his book “Maddie: The Truth of the Lie” [English translation of title] based on the investigation files, banned from sale and, through legal action, had all unsold copies confiscated and held by their Portugese attorney Isabel Duarte. The Portuguese Supreme Court ruled against their appeal in October 2010, reaffirming Senhor Amaral’s right to freedom of expression. Duarte has yet to return the 7,500 copies of the book to Amaral’s publisher. [source: “Gonçalo Amaral issues plea for Kate McCann to “tell the truth” ” by Nigel Moore, published June 10, 2011, on McCannExposure blog]

    The McCanns have also made attempts to take half of Amaral’s already reduced pension (due to early retirement) and their family home from him. [source: “McCanns want Amaral Family Home” published Sep. 08, 2010, on Joana Morais’ blog]

    Senhor Amaral’s latest book is titled, “Maddie: The Forbidden Investigation”

    English translations of both books are available online. There is also a documentary based on “Maddie: The Truth of the Lie” with Amaral presenting the information, available to watch in a series of videos online.

  • Jolie Adams

    Criminal profiler Pat Brown wrote “Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann” and published it as an ebook for sale on Amazon. The McCanns libel lawyers Carter-Ruck wrote to Amazon and insisted her book was libellous and that it be removed from their inventory, which Amazon did, without notifying Pat Brown, until she asked why it was no longer listed. She states her book is NOT libelous and is now suing the McCanns for interference with her business. Her book has been listed with both Barnes & Noble and Smashwords, for a small sum to download. She is using 50% of the sale proceeds to fund her search in Portugal next February, looking for Madeleine McCann.

    You can read more about this on FB on the pages titled:

    – Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann
    – Criminal Profiler Pat Brown’s Maddie Search Fund
    – Free Speech and the Case of Missing Madeleine McCann (about the McCanns’ attempts to suppress free speech and facts of the case that disagree with their purported abduction theory)

  • Sandra Carter

    Madeleine is just a little girl, she is missing and very much loved. No stone should go unturned in the search for this little girl and her safety must be paramount. Madeleine doese not understand debates/arguements, finances and will be relying on all caring adults who purport to care for her to unite in the search for her.

  • Anon

    If you believe this lot below (excluding Sandra) you will believe anything. Poor deluded people!

  • Anon

    I wouldn’t listen to this if it was given to me as a gift! It would be straight in the trash can. The woman is out to make her money from other people’s misery don’t you think?

  • Anon

    Precisely so Claudia. There is a lack of evidence to say what happened in Praia da Luz but there may be a glimmer of hope now that New Scotland Yard are reviewing the case and have been to Portugal/Spain in order to get gain familiarity with what happened (or didn’t) in May 2007.

    The whole of that investigation was botched and although I have no doubt the local police do have their good points, equally they were well out of their depth with such an investigation and headed by someone who later was removed from post.

    Good luck to NSY. Let us hope for a good outcome now and that this whole sorry story can be put to bed with Madeleine’s return hopefully.

    I do not believe the McCanns have sold us any stories by the way?!

  • Mia

    A joyful ending is a much prayed for intention of mine. I will keep up the prayers for this child and all children who are on a long term missing list. It is all that I can do. The prospect of finding Madeleine seems
    a remote possibility but I will still cling to the hope of her discovery. At the very least, a conclusion to this particular case would be welcome. It is a never-ending nightmare for those who have Madeleine’s best interests at heart. I am only an onlooker, an outsider. I will never experience the pain, sorrow, heart break, condemnation and lack of compassion shown by some to this unsolved case. For that I am grateful. It is sad to see a fragile, human life being a target for those who refuse to prove their theories. They don’t add any positive impact on anything. They are armchair detectives who are convinced that this child has died and that the body is in hiding somewhere. They offer no evidence of this though despite their convictions.
    I don’t know what happened on the night that this child went missing. Who does? Only the person responsible for her disappearance. Who that is, is taking the best brains of Scotland Yard to work out. I leave it to them. I am sad though, that this particular case receives more attention from those who can find out the truth and that equal attention is not given to other tragic cases. The PM has put the spotlight on this case and it is vital that for Madeleine’s sake this is done. There are many, many other cases requiring similiar intervention and need to get it too. I hope they will get their turn and that the McCann’s sorrow will end very soon. Lighting a candle for Madeleine tonight and another few for those who are lost.

  • Christine

    I am confident that the right decision was made to re-open this case. There has been no evidence to suggest that Madeleine has been harmed. She is likely still alive and surely needs everyone’s help in returning her to her parents. This story is incredibly heartbreaking. Madeleine’s parents are good people who made a regrettable choice and are sadly paying the ultimate price for it. Picture one of your children being stolen away from you and not being returned for over 4 years. There is no worse pain a person could experience. Thankfully, the authorities are doing the right thing in trying to find Madeleine. Hooray to the authorities for putting the value of a precious human life before the value of money.

  • Mark

    parents= liars
    thats all

  • Wider Agenda

    It’s extremely unlikely that the Met officers were in Barcelona checking up on the “Posh Spice” sighting – one of the more laughably irrelevant (amidst stiff competition). Far more probable they were there to dig up precisely what persuaded the McCanns to take on the Barcelona-based detective firm Metodo 3 – a struggling and rather shambolic outfit with zero relevant experience, who were nonetheless paid over £500,000 from the Find Madeleine Fund for doing almost nothing.

    Metodo 3’s boss was a posturing showman (“I know who abducted Madeleine and I will have her home by Christmas”), and his lead investigator on the case was later charged with stealing 400kg of cocaine from a police warehouse. The firm has also (perhaps pertinently) been accused of money laundering. When the McCanns finally cut the cord with Metodo 3, all they’d received in return for the half-million-pound fee was a handful of bogus sightings in Morocco.

    Yet in her recent book, Kate McCann praised Metodo 3 at length and says they maintain a good relationship with
    the firm.

    I reckon the Met are hoping to find out more about this very odd state of affairs.

  • Warren Thornton

    why is my comments not on here?

  • Daniel Sparkes

    Jolie, you need to get off your soap box and actually say something helpful. You must feel terribly clever with your expert opinions and false facts. The SY investigation is a very worthwhile act and come to think of it, if it took every penny and every working hour we had to find a poor little girl that needs help, it would be worth it.

    You are simply copying statements on blogs and no ideas of your own. You have skimmed over facts without researching them. Shame on you. Get out there and help. You have convinced me to donate some more

  • Daniel Sparkes

    When Madeleine is found Senhor Amaral will have to answer many questions. Like why was cadaver found in that car. Amaral’s integrity is not up for debate here as he has been proven to be corrupt. Don’t act like he nice man seeking the truth. He needs to start “telling the truth”

    Media blackout? You really are a simpleton. I know for a fact if I was to print on here what I thought of people like you, you would have it removed within a day.

    Leave Madeleine alone

  • Daniel Sparkes

    Well said anon


    Why are my 2 comments not on here?

  • Madeline Le May

    I am so pleased that at long last something is being done for this little girl. She is a British citizen, and we should have done what we are doing now a long time ago. I think there is a very good chance of finding her, and our British police are the best people to do this. My heart goes out to the McCanns, and they have my admiration for their determination to find her. Lets all get behind them, think of Madeleine, and support whatever is necessary to bring her home.


    Will the Scotland Yard Detectives be looking into the “posh spice” lookalike? I very much doubt it to be honest as it wasn’t seriously followed up by the McCanns as a feasable sighting at least Dave Edgar didn’t ask many questions. Even less likely – my comment being uploaded here it seems.

  • Dumbledore

    NO credible hope!
    Parents refused to do a reconstruction with the police PLUS Madeleine McCanns mother Kate refused to answer 49 police questions.

    Portugal never received Madeleines medical records or the financial records of her parents.
    So the parents are at least suspects.

    Conclusions of a report in police files: From everything that we have discovered, our files result in the following conclusions: A. the minor Madeleine McCann DIED in Apartment 5A B. a simulation – a staged hoax – of an abduction took place C. in order to render the child’s death impossible before 10.00pm, a situation of checking of the McCann couple’s children while they slept was concocted D. Dr Gerald McCann and Dr Kate McCann are involved in the concealment of the corpse of their daughter, Madeleine McCann E. at this moment, there seems to be no strong indications that the child’s death was other than the result of a tragic accident, yet

    (Final report from Attorney General) We believe that the main damaged party were the McCann arguidos, who missed the possibility to prove what they have protested since they were made arguidos: their innocence towards the fateful event; the investigation was also hindered, because said facts remain unclear (…)”.

  • Dumbledore

    Thank you for mentioning Criminal Profiler Pat Brown!
    I did read her criminal case profile several times.
    It is excellent!

    WHAT is Scotland Yard doing now?????
    Their “review” is paperwork only it has claimed.
    But the trip to Spain wasn´t paperwork.

    NOT a very impoprtant files based re-construction with the McCanns, their friends and the police for Madeleine?
    NOT reinterviewiews of KEY-witnesses?

    Strange kind of “review” I must say.
    VERY odd.

  • Hannah

    I do hope this review gets to the truth of this tragic case. I’m afraid the parents version of events, and refusal to attend a reconstruction, leaves a giant question mark over their heads, as do the expert British crimes scene cadaver and blood dogs that marked blood and death in the McCanns holiday apartment.

    Something is very fishy about this case.

  • Ron

    Thank you for this its very interesting. I will look at the Facebook pages later tonight.

  • amber

    such blinkered thinking. Its always wise to look at all sides to a story otherwise how can you weigh up the facts. I dont think you can go far wrong if you read the PJ police files that is what Scotland Yard is doing amongst other things as they must investigate all the facts not just what the negligent parents have said.

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