iPhone 4S As Holiday Gift? Likes & Dislikes -Consumer Satisfaction High

iPhone 4S As Holiday Gift? Likes & Dislikes -Consumer Satisfaction High

We may have already started to look ahead to the Apple iPhone 5 but we shouldn’t forget that the iPhone 4S is the handset that is available now and one that many of you may be considering for a holiday gift for somebody or to add to your own wish list. Today we have news that might help make your mind up as it seems that iPhone 4S owners are very highly satisfied and we also have some details of iPhone 4S likes and dislikes.

A new survey has kindly been supplied to us by ChangeWave Research, which shows an intriguing look at customer satisfaction for the Apple iPhone 4S, released in October. Not only does the study show an exceptionally high satisfaction rating but it also indicates a higher approval rate than for the previous iPhone, the iPhone 4. The survey took place between November 2 and 9 using 215 iPhone 4S owners and asked for their overall satisfaction, likes, dislikes and more.

Of the new iPhone 4S owners questioned, 77% said they were ‘very satisfied’ with it while 19% said they were ‘somewhat satisfied.’ Only 2% said they were ‘unsatisfied.’ If we compare that to the same question that went to iPhone 4 owners in July 2010 we can see higher satisfaction levels. In 2010, 72% said they were ‘very satisfied’ and 21% were ‘somewhat satisfied.’

When iPhone 4S owners were asked what specific features they liked best about their iPhone 4S the top answer was the Siri Digital Assistant on 49%. The second favorite was ‘ease of use’ followed by the 8-megapixel camera with LED flash and then ‘faster web browsing.’ Other liked features were screen resolution, the iCloud service, third-party applications, ability to sync with multiple computers and multitasking, ranked in that order.

The survey also asked iPhone 4S owners about features they disliked and way ahead of the rest of the field on dissatisfaction were the battery life on 38% and then the lack of 4G with 30%. Other dislikes were screen size, coverage and quality of 3G networks, excessive dropped calls, difficulty importing, lack of handwriting recognition feature and call voice quality, in that order. The survey also looked more deeply into the iPhone 4S battery issue as well as dropped calls, so for more on those check out the full study at the earlier ChangeWave link.

Ultimately if you were thinking of purchasing the iPhone 4S for someone in your life this holiday season then it’s a pretty good bet that they’d be very happy indeed. You may also be interested in our article on the best iPhone 4S cases. We’d like to hear your thoughts on these survey results. Are you an iPhone 4S owner and if so, how satisfied are you? Will you be adding the iPhone 4S to your holiday wish list? Let us know by sending your comments.

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