Malibu California Earthquakes Last Night & Today: What did you feel?

Malibu California Earthquakes Last Night & Today: What did you feel?

As well as major earthquakes we also like to keep people informed about lesser quakes as well and recently we’ve reported on an earthquake in Arkansas as well as a tremor in Borrego Springs, California. Now we have news of quakes near Malibu, California occurring last night and again today.

The U.S. Geological Survey reported a quake with a magnitude of 3.4 late Monday night at 10:56 pm PT. The temblor was shallow, at a depth of 0.6 miles and was located around 32 miles southwest of Malibu. There were no reports of injuries but because the tremor was shallow it’s believed it would have been felt over a wide area. The Los Angeles Times tells how the earthquake’s epicenter was 37 miles away from Palos Verdes Point, that’s 54 miles from the Los Angeles Civic Center.

LA Late adds more news as although this first earthquake is being referred to as the Malibu or Channel Islands quake it points out that it was in the Pacific Ocean southwest of Santa Monica, northwest of Catalina Island. Further to this quake another then followed at 12:16 am today (Tuesday) with a 3.0 magnitude, again off the coast and also a shallow quake. This second earthquake had its epicenter 7 miles away from Petrolia, that’s 19 miles from Ferndale or 35 miles from Eureka. Again there were no reports of injuries or damage.

As these were shallow earthquakes though it’s likely that many people would have felt something. We’d like to hear from you if you felt either of these two quakes overnight and if so what was your experience and where were you located? Let us know by sending your comments to us using the box below.

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  • Fsadfsd

    I felt an earthquake in West LA at around 3am

  • Guest1

    So did I, was there an earthquake at that time? I felt it in Beverly Hills

  • Notavailable31

    Around 4am I woke up to a heavy shake throughout my apartment that lasted only a few seconds. I live in Beverly hills.

  • Notavailable31

    My mom and friend who both live in Beverly hills also felt it.


    Yeah! I felt it too around 4 am. I live in West Hollywood.

  • Kevin

    I was in a really deep sleep last night (Tuesday) and was woken up by the low but long rumble shaking at 4am. I live on Sweetzer Avenue just off of Melrose Avenue and near LaCienga (Beverly Center Mall). I was really surprised at how many of the items in my house were shaking and vibrating. I normally don’t wake up to earthquakes, but this one about vibrated me out of my bed. I have been looking at the news all day trying to verify if it was in fact an earth quake. I didn’t see any news about it at first, but am glad to see this web site so I know it wasn’t just me.

  • Jn

    My boyfriend and I felt an earthquake around 4 am. We live in century city.

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