Early 2012 MacBook Air New Line Release Rumor: What Do You Want to See?

Early 2012 MacBook Air New Line Release Rumor: What Do You Want to See?

With a new MacBook Pro line launched last month attention has now turned to the Apple MacBook Air and we have good news today for those of you waiting for a refresh. It appears that the new MacBook Airs may be out as early as the first quarter of 2012, with the addition of a 15-inch model, so not too long to wait at all. We’d like to hear what you’d like to see on the next MacBook Airs.

Previously we had reported on speculation of a new 15-inch superslim MacBook coming in the second quarter of next year although it was unclear whether it would be for the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air line. Seeing as we’ve now had refreshed MacBook Pros it does seem as though it was a new MacBook Air that was being speculated although it looks as though we’ll be seeing it earlier than first rumored.

Over on BGR, Zach Epstein tells of a new DigiTimes report from sources in Apple’s parts supply chain. DigiTimes is a Taiwanese newspaper that often gives news on upcoming Apple products although has a mixed record of accuracy. Its latest news from supply sources says that Apple is to bring out a complete refresh of the whole MacBook Air series of laptops, early in 2012. These will include 11.6-inch, 13.3-inch and 15-inch models, which DigiTimes reports are already in the early stages of production. The new MacBook Airs are being targeted specifically as competition for PC-branded ultrabooks.

If you’re not desperate for the upcoming MacBook Airs there’s still promising news as the report also states that Apple will be reducing the current MacBook Air prices before the launch of the new ones next quarter. Apple Insider reminds us that the last MacBook Airs came out this July and featured a Thunderbolt port, backlit keyboard and the latest Intel Sandy Bridge processors. We’d like to know what you think should be added to the next MacBook Air line so let us have your comments.

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  • Bob

    Are you guys ignorant or what? There was no “new macbook pro line launched last month.” It was a mid cycle spec bump, nothing more. Anyone with a brain can tell you that. There is a new, redesigned macbook pro line coming Q1-Q2 2012, post on that.

  • David T

    well said.

  • Anonymous

    I just want to find out why Intel is even paying these PC manufacturers hundreds of dollars per unit (by some reports) to subsidize their attack on Apple’s Air? Something smells fishy.

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