Emerson LC401EM2F 40-inch LCD TV: Review of specs

Emerson LC401EM2F 40-inch LCD TV: Review of specs

When it comes to finding a gift this Christmas to make a friend or loved one very happy, you’d do well with the Emerson LC401EM2F 40-inch HDTV. Prices have crashed over the last few years with LCD TV’s being a more popular choice than Plasma, which makes this TV an even better option.

You’ll need to remember that while this TV supports HD programming, the person this gift is for will need to have a HD source to benefit fully, which means contacting a local satellite TV or cable company. The Emerson LC401EM2F main specs include the option to wall mount for a slicker display, 3 HDMI inputs for better connectivity, it also has a built-in digital tuner, 1920×1080 HD resolution and the added benefit of “Child Lock” for families.

Emerson offer a wide range of televisions in many sizes, and you can find these on popular websites like Best Buy and Walmart. Not all specs will be listed and we advise you to pop into a local store and ask the salesperson directly about any features not listed online or seek out reviews via YouTube and popular review websites.

When buying a TV for yourself or a gift always make sure it has enough HDMI ports and other connections for what may be needed, and getting a free HDMI cable included can be a nice extra.

We’ve seen many buyers wonder if a flat screen TV can be hung above a fireplace, or what the refresh rates are? If the shopper buys the TV without these questions answered they tend to regret it if specs disappoint. Make sure you get all the correct information first so you make an informed choice.

The full LC401EM2 specs can be seen here, although it could be a slightly different model to the LC401EM2F.

Main outputs included on the LC401EM2 are:

  • Speaker Output Power: 10 Watts + 10 Watts
  • Analog Audio Output L+R: 1 set
  • Digital Audio Output (Coaxial): 1 set

Main inputs included on the LC401EM2 are:

  • USB (JPEG Playback): 1 set
  • HDMI: x3
  • Video / S-Video,Audio L+R: x2
  • Component, Audio L+R: 1 set
  • RF Input: 1 set

You can see the official Emerson TV website here, which explains features and specs in a little more detail than most online stores.

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  • Joe Smoe

    Your review sux, I got more info just reading the box it came in.

  • Anonymous

    Best Buy SUCKS!!!

  • confused

    Is this tv reliable??


    Just got this tv. its a great size, looks good, simple to use and an overall great tv and considering the black Friday price I paid for it, an awesome value. The only problem I’ve had is the code to program a universal remote was difficult to find. (It is 733 or 0733 depending on your remote). If you are thinking about getting this tv I would say yes get it.

  • Genman57

    I cannot find the msrp for this tv..why??

  • Cowboyfan731

    this turned out to be a great buy its almost as good as my 73″ great for the den and bedroom

  • Millerlite5466

    I was actually surprised by this tv, image quality on HD is a lot more than I expected for a $250 black Friday deal! I just wish that there were more specs on it, was really curious of the contrast ratio. The only problem that I had with it is that if you use the Audio Out on the back, you can’t adjust the volume from the tv remote, not a big deal as I have a desperate amplifier system I am hooking up to everything when I get a stand for it.

  • Silverwolfc33

    Emerson LC401EM2F worth buying

  • Donaldmccartney

    I bought this TV at a Walmart black Friday deal. It is a basic 40 in TV. The picture is ok, but the menu options are very limited. For example, there’s no option to tell the TV whether you’re using an antenna or cable source without going thru a full channel scan, which can take up to 20 minutes. as a result, I would recommend only viewing regular Tv from one source. I guess I have gotten spoiled by my Samsung.

  • John

    can anyone tell me what is the best picture settings i can put this tv on so it’ll look really nice an awesome???????? ….right now its just plain and boring

  • Hunglo

    Great tv once you tweak the volume and picture settings and update the firmware. blu ray is vibrant upconvertig SD tv to 480P Via a dvd recorder great bedroom tv

  • Hunglo

    you have to go by eye i suggest putting in a pornographic movie to set the color tones

  • ? quest


  • Ctullosccr

    Same thing I thought, that it wasn’t very bright, but turn the ECO button on the remote off and that will brighten things up!


    Does anyone have some good calibration settings? Can’t find any good ones on the web for this tv.

  • Tjskins

    also put it on Retail mode and it will increase the backlight, when i had it on Home it was also too dark

  • Nick

    It’s because this TV is economical. All you gotto do is look at your controller and click on the Leaf logo that says ECO on.

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