Apple TV Set Due Mid-2012? Could Use Siri Navigation

Apple TV Set Due Mid-2012? Could Use Siri Navigation

Over the past year we’ve heard many murmurings about Apple’s plans to head in to the TV market. By this I don’t mean Apple TV, the small box that sits on your TV but rather an actual TV set. We’re now starting to hear further rumblings and it definitely seems as though an Apple HDTV (maybe the iTV?) will come to fruition despite some earlier doubts.

As Apple has such a dominant grip in the smartphone and PC world it’s no surprise to learn that the TV industry is now warily watching for signs of developments in Apple’s TV plans. One analyst now claims that production of an Apple HDTV will start in February 2012 for a mid-2012 launch.

Peter Misek of Jefferies & Company said in a note to clients that the first Apple TV set will be produced in Japan at a Sharp factory and will use Sharp display panels. Zach Epstein over on BGR reports that although companies such as Samsung are realizing the potential of Google TV for future sets the first such smart TV devices did not do that well, despite an initial flurry of excitement on launch. While Apple has not made any specific announcements about its plans for a TV set, it will already have a ready-made market keen to try out anything new from the company so may have a better chance of success.

BGR also tells of an earlier report that suggests Apple may use Siri, the voice activation function introduced on the recent iPhone 4S release, on any future HDTV. This would mean the end of hunting for a lost remote control down the back of the settee as users would be able to use voice control for switching channels and turning the volume up or down etc. Over on Mashable Stan Schroeder also talks about the possibility of an Apple TV and shows off an Apple TV concept design slide show to get your tastebuds tantalized.

What are your thoughts on an Apple TV set? Do you think it would be bound to be a huge success simply because of the Apple name, or maybe you feel that Apple would need to come out with something truly revolutionary to make any kind of impact on the TV market? Let us know by sending your comments.

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