Apple iPhone 5 Possible Feature : New Protection System

Apple iPhone 5 Possible Feature : New Protection System

As usual with Apple devices, no sooner has one come along than we all start talking about the next-generation. In this case the iPhone 4S is still in huge demand and yet attention has already turned to the iPhone 5. Now we hear of a possibility that the iPhone 5 could feature some sort of airbag to protect the screen if dropped.

Although the iPhone 4S is undoubtedly a great smartphone many people worry about damaging the cover glass. It appears that Apple has filed a patent for a new protective system, which would give more resistance for glass screens. The idea would give an airbag-like function, which would be triggered if the accelerometer senses a dropping motion. If this happened a tunable shock mount beneath the glass screen using a “liquid based micro inflatable bladder,” would function like a car airbag to protect the device in an instant.

Over on ITProPortal, sourced from Patently Apple, Radu Tyrsina tells how the shock mount could be made from various materials and that likely options would include silicone rubber, foam, gel and polymer. This system would also be usable in conjunction with Gorilla Glass, which is already more resistant, to create even more protection. It would certainly be a good idea for Apple to get ahead of the game when protecting iOS devices particularly as in a recent ‘drop test’ Samsung’s Galaxy S II fared better than the current iPhone.

An article over on CNN also reports on this new idea for protecting glass on Apple devices and also reports on two more of the most significant Apple patent applications, from the many that have gone through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this week. Another of the patents concerns an intelligent power adapter that could control the power given to various devices at the same time, depending on their particular needs. Another patent concerns location-based services.

It’s certainly interesting to see what could lie ahead for Apple devices, though I would imagine the new airbag-like function is unlikely to be ready in time for the iPhone 5. However it would of course be an excellent idea for later iterations of the phone. I could be wrong though and as usual we won’t know until very much nearer to the time the device is launched. You may also be interested in our recent article on the latest iPhone 5 design rumors, or the possibility of a 4G LTE iPhone 5. We’re interested to hear your thoughts on the airbag-like protection system that could be coming to the iPhone 5 so let us have your comments.

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