iPhone 4S Carrier Report : Verizon dependable but AT&T speeds excel

iPhone 4S Carrier Report : Verizon dependable but AT&T speeds excel

Before the Apple iPhone 4S was simultaneously launched on three major US carriers, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, there was a lot of talk about which carrier would be the best option. Today we have some news of a report which details performance of the iPhone 4S on those 3 carriers and gives a clear indication of which carrier does best for speed and also reliability.

The success of the iPhone 4S is unprecedented with mammoth sales figures recorded but if you’ve purchased it on one of the above carriers you may wonder if you’re getting the best out of the smartphone. The latest iPhone supports both GSM and CDMA networks but it seems that just because it’s the same handset you shouldn’t expect to get the same out of it. We recently gave some details of informal tests on these carriers but this new report looks at both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 and compares performance over the three carriers in a more detailed look.

Metrico Wireless Inc. is a performance analytics company whose report entailed downloading 21,000 web pages along with 8,000 speed tests and 6,000 voice calls over the last month. Performances of the phones were measured by Metrico’s proprietary platform according to Zach Epstein over on BGR. It seems that data-wise AT&T speeds excelled, way better than the other two carriers. iPhone 4S data download speeds on AT&T hit a maximum of 6,047 Kbps with a mean of 3,210 Kbps. Compare that to the second best result from Verizon with a much-lesser maximum speed of 2,371 Kbps and a mean of 1,071 Kbps. Sprint came in some distance behind. The carriers were in the same order when the iPhone 4 was used too.

However as far as reliability goes it’s a different picture. If dependability is more important to you than speed then you would want to choose Verizon as you iPhone 4S carrier. The same report also looked into call failures and this time it was the Big Red who came out top with 2.1% of test calls being dropped. AT&T dropped 2.8% of test calls while once again Sprint was at the bottom with 3.7% of calls failing. Looking at the iPhone 4S in regard to smartphone competition, reliability was pretty poor with an average dropped call rate of 1.4%. However data task reliability was exceptional, at or close to 100% placing the iPhone 4S amongst the very top smartphones for performance and also being a big improvement over the iPhone 4.

If you are an iPhone 4S owner you may be aware that there have been issues about the battery and today we spotted an article over on ZDNet about a problem with a ‘No SIM card installed’ message appearing. Alternatively you may have already turned your attention to the iPhone 5. We’d like to know what you think about this latest performance study for the iPhone 4S. Do you think you chose the right carrier to get the most out of your iPhone 4S? Let us have your comments.

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