Initial Galaxy Nexus Review Roundup : Experts Rave

Initial Galaxy Nexus Review Roundup : Experts Rave

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has met with just about as much hype as any smartphone we can remember. This Android smartphone that runs the new 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS is very hotly anticipated in the US although the UK saw a release yesterday. While we wait for a confirmed US release date we thought we’d take a look at the first reviews that are in and give you a Galaxy Nexus review roundup from the people in the know.

As many of the real experts have now managed to get a proper look at the Galaxy Nexus the initial impressions are looking hugely positive for this phone. It’s worth remembering that all these reviews have used the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus rather than the LTE equivalent coming to Verizon. Presumably that’s because the HSPA+ model is the only one the reviewers can get their hands on at the moment. We told yesterday though, how Google’s Galaxy Nexus web portal is now live and how the LTE version will be very slightly thicker and heavier, due to the larger battery used.

A brief reminder of specs shows the Galaxy Nexus has a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, a massive 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED display, 1GB of RAM, 5-megapixel rear camera with LED flash and 1080p HD video capture, along with a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera. Many would say though that it’s the inclusion of Ice Cream Sandwich that has made the prospect of the Galaxy Nexus so enticing, a new operating system that unifies smartphones and tablets. One of the most comprehensive reviews you’ll find comes from Joshua Topolsky over on The Verge who looks into hardware and design, internals and display, battery life and performance, reception and date, camera, software and much more, all resulting in a very decent score of 8.6.

Starting off Topolsky says that although there are no risks with the Galaxy Nexus design it nevertheless is one of the “better looking phones that’s come across my desk.” The display gets a big thumbs-up despite experiencing some color aberrations. Although the screen is a pentile display this has not detracted in anyway. Images and text are crisp and superior to many other displays and Topolsky says, “Generally, I’m in love with the Galaxy Nexus screen.” If it’s fast performance you’re after then the Galaxy Nexus could well be your next smartphone, described as “blazingly, stupidly fast.” Topolsky also describes the new ICS OS as being a big step forward with a “huge leap in functionality.”

On the negative side the camera is nothing special and casing materials could be better but Topolsky absolutely gives a glowing conclusion to his review saying that it’s the “best Android phone ever made,” and “Since day one, I’ve been waiting for an Android device that lived up to the promise of such a powerful OS. I think I can stop waiting now.” That’s a hugely favorable review to get us started then and we’ll look more briefly at a few others.

Another review of the Galaxy Nexus is over on Mashable by Charlie White who also describes this smartphone as the “best Android phone” that he’s yet seen. White describes the design of the Galaxy Nexus as “downright beautiful,” and is also very positive about the display calling it “exquisitely sharp.” Again Ice Cream Sandwich is talked of in glowing terms, described as giving a “giant leap in usability.” There’s no score or rating for this one but obviously the reviewer seems very impressed indeed.

Yet another positive review comes from Matt Warman over on The Telegraph who rates the phone with 4 out of 5 stars and describes it as the first Android phone to “offer a premium experience.” Warman does have some gripes though, such as some bugs on apps not optimized for ICS and glitches with the face unlock system. It appears that this reviewer feels the Galaxy Nexus is excellent and shows the exciting potential for the new OS. However he also feels that more convincing devices will soon come along once other major manufacturers such as Motorola and Sony get their hands on ICS. We recently told about the HTC Edge for example, due early next year and this could be an example of what Warman means. Still that four-star rating is hard to argue with, so once again there’s a lot of positivity about the Galaxy Nexus.

The final review we looked at came from Cnet by Kent German and Jessica Dolcourt, who awarded the Galaxy Nexus 4 from 5 stars overall. Plus points were noted as the new features of the ICS operating system, the design, screen and internal performance, so much the same as previous reviews. On the minus side were “some static on calls,” and the rather fragile feel of the handset. Three scores for different categories were given with 9 out of 10 for design, 9 out of 10 for features and 8 out of 10 for performance. It’s another great review then although the reviewers point out that the Galaxy Nexus, though impressive and groundbreaking, is “not the giant leap you may have been expecting,” and “just misses the high bar.”

So there you go, a selection of reviews from those in the know, which hopefully will give you some idea of whether this smartphone is the one for you. When Verizon’s LTE variant of the Galaxy Nexus finally lands we’ll give you another review roundup on that. We’d like to hear your thoughts on the Galaxy Nexus and these initial reviews. If you were intending to purchase this phone will you still do so? Maybe you’ll be tempted to wait for next year’s HTC Edge or HTC Ville? Let us have your comments.

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