Sony PSN Down Today: US & UK Times Longer than usual

Sony PSN Down Today: US & UK Times Longer than usual

If you’re trying to use the PlayStation Network service today you may not be able to get on and wonder why it’s down. It seems that Sony has scheduled today for maintenance work on the PSN system and that the service will be down for quite a few hours.

In the US the Sony PlayStation blog details downtime between 8am until 10pm PST on November 17. During this time users will be unable to access the PlayStation Store for PS3 and PSP, as well as PlayStation Network account management and PlayStation Network account registrations. According to Sony, any in-game Trophies can still be collected whilst the maintenance is ongoing and once the PSN is back up they will be credited to your profile.

Sony also adds that users will be unable to sign into the PlayStation network via although some users may be able to play online during the maintenance. You can tune into the PlayStation Twitter feed here for further updates as things progress. Or check out the Sony PlayStation Facebook page here.

The blog gives equivalent information with UK PSN downtimes from 4pm on November 17 to 6am November 18 and also says you will be unable to sign into the PlayStation network via However the advice is slightly different when it says that if you signed in to PSN before 4pm today you may still be able to play online. If you were one of the fortunate ones to do so, let us know if you still managed to play.

There’s no word yet on what exact ‘maintenance’ is being carried out but the extra-long downtime today is rather unusual. What do you think about the latest PSN down time? Also did you manage to be able to play online by signing in before the maintenance work began? Let us know with your comments.

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  • Procrastinator

    Well, I guess it’s time to start playing that MW3 campaign….

  • Anonymous

    PSN Down November 17th, maintenance times and date

    Im sick of gamers being used as beta testers on an ongoing basis

    Sony, no wonder u lost $300M last QTR.

    im sick of it.

  • R.B.C

    I was finish MW3 champaign mode hard …. i go play Veteran strong soon more …
    PSN service down problem think stop hack all games … with PC computer hack.
    I fed up PS3 slow trophy snyc long wait 2 mins bar 0% to 100% no good.
    i might back Xbox best fast never lags / problem …. great …
    PS3 have lots time lags and problem happen PSN offline all times CRAP.,

  • Asp

    i need my MW3 fix…..fark. Allow the campaign. Im going to bed.

  • Anonymous

    I feel stupider having read that…is there a coherent thought in all of your rambling?

  • Aznrandy18


  • Sammy_harper

    i signed in fine at about 8pm in the UK and have been playing battlefield 3 although my brother cant sign into psn and we are in the same house

  • P Curtis47

    everything we have needs maitenance now and again, its just one of those things.

  • oh yea

    i cant go online

  • DEW_22

    im getting an xbox. screw this same old crap.

  • oh yea

    man psn and sony should give out free games like mw3 and battlefield3

  • annoyed by psn

    Wonder why nobody likes psn. every time that a good game comes out, “hmmm it seems like a good idea to shut down psn so we can lose millions of dollars and have people go by an xbox and never play playstation again.” seems like a great plan guys. keep it up.

  • Buttonsmsassacre33

    what kind of maintenance
    are they doing?

  • stupid comment by you

    maybe if you made sense i wouldve cared


    what type of maintenance would be nice to know and PSN is starting to get on my nerves been hacked more than once and now they decide to shut it down for what reason whats next lol

  • Jakb Quick

    I was logged in first thing this am, but got kicked of early afternoon. Still no word. 6:33 pm Central time.

  • Fergfrg

    i JUST BOUGHT MW3 tried playing it and mw3 said its servers were down, but i appeared to have been signed in. then after a few tries, psn in general said that psn is down. let’s hope we are not hacked again and that anonymous tries to hack facebook like they promised.

  • ps_series_rocks

    they’re probably working on the psn store update

  • Dave Wilkins SJNB

    Everyone needs to chill out here. First off, what do you pay for PSN? Nothing, unless you have plus. Second, in the user agreement you all accepted and didn’t read, Sony reserves the right to turn the network on and off whenever they want. Yeah, it sucks guys, but its pretty sweet when it works.

  • smithct20

    I agree with you but i just get tired of the down time.

  • FullyCorrupt

    and sony wants to start charging for PSN like microsoft does ….. lol what a laugh … sony if it wasnt that i have 6 playstations id get an xbox lol

  • :(

    fml, i want to play.. guess i play my shitty xbox

  • AKA MW3

    Well i gust i just have to watch porn insted playing mw3

  • Andrewponce32


  • Beermouse4

    I managed to play from before 4pm onwards but turned my ps3 off not knowing about the downtime and came to turn it back on, and no luck! suppose i should finally do something else of MW3….The whole week was wasted lol

  • Andrewponce32

    Your just saying that because he thinks PS3 is trash, and it kinda is, i think i might get xbox lol :p

  • Jay

    OH NO
    We cant play online.
    Ppl get over it.
    Your lucky they dont charge you 2 play.
    So what if it needs maintenance Everything does.
    Go play minecraft,read a book, go outside.
    If anything there doing you a favor.
    So you wont be wasting your whole life playing a video game all day

  • Akshat

    WOW!! I just got mw3 today :( i was looking soo farward to play online. oh well, theres always the campaigne, spec ops and survival ;P

  • Jamesthesamurai

    granted, we don’t pay for PSN…but I do pay for netflix and hulu, which i can’t watch on my tv because i can’t log in to PSN…

  • Shane Collins

    its back now

  • Anonymous

    thx shane it’s really back

  • Joohnso32

    Or you could be on some website, posting about PSN being down, and telling people what to do with their life.

  • Dsfaf

    well if your going to go with the xbox enjoy the fee so you can play online and I have never had any lag issue with the playstation 3

  • Shaunn55

    mw3 is sh#t black ops is better and who gives a f##k if the psn is down do you pay to play online i dont think so

  • Scott

    Judging by you grasp of spelling and grammar I’d be surprised if you managed to finish a book since infant school. Instead of posting barely literate vitriol, you might want to consider dusting down your English textbooks; learning to spell, and correctly punctuation your sentences. How about learning the difference between ‘there’ and ‘they’re’? Also it’s ‘favour’ not ‘favor’; unless you’re based out of the UK. Did you notice the apostrophe between the ‘it’ and ‘s’? ‘its’ and ‘it’s’ have two completely different meanings.

    *Sigh* Such anger, but little way of expressing it.

  • SummerHeightsHigh

    Yeeeeee except no one will trade in a playstation for xbox…that would be just plain stupid

  • You’re an idiot

    ahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha……. no

  • Anonymous


  • Keith

    And why would you want or need to pay – for PSN. Do you not pay huge amounts for the games and hardware and accessories etc etc. Just because XBox fleece their customers – rob their bank accounts and then apologise for taking the wrong amount out of their accounts but do they care – no. Online is just an added service for them to sell you more stuff so why pay for their privilege to offer your more products. It’s dumb to have maintenance on a Saturday – All day long. Surely they have enough money to pay the same dweebs that got hacked to work through the night once in a while10pm-7am on a Monday seems more logical and common sense. No?

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