New Apple MacBook for Q2, 2012 : Air or Pro?

New Apple MacBook for Q2, 2012 : Air or Pro?

We recently informed readers about the new Apple MacBook Pro line, which arrived on October 24 and then today gave you information about a rumored 4-inch display for the iPhone 5 and also an iPad Mini tablet. Now we have more Apple news as it seems a new ultrathin MacBook is on the way, due for the second quarter of 2012.

What we don’t know yet is whether this new MacBook notebook will be an addition to the MacBook Air lineup or another in the MacBook Pro series. What we have heard about is a 15-inch MacBook, which will be superslim although there’s not enough information as yet to clarify which series it belongs to. What we do know comes from Zach Epstein over on BGR who tells of a DigiTimes report that came out today.

DigiTimes is a Taiwanese newspaper that often publishes news and speculation about Apple products. Its predictions are mixed but it has to be said that on occasion they have been spot on. What they do say though is that components for this new MacBook have already started shipping, although earlier this month they were in smaller numbers, possibly for testing. The report also says that mass shipments of the new MacBook laptop will take place as early as next March although there is no clear release date.

Apple Insider also mentions this latest DigiTimes report and point out that earlier this year sources familiar with the matter said that the company would be developing its MacBook Pro line more towards the MacBook Airs in 2012. As well as that they point out that the late Steve Jobs said last year that the MacBook Air was the “future of the MacBook,” so all things said and done maybe this new MacBook for the second quarter of 2012 is more likely to be a MacBook Air addition.

We’ll be closely following developments on this latest MacBook rumor and will keep you informed about anything that we hear. What are your thoughts on a new ultrathin MacBook? Let us know with your comments.

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    Its gonna a 15 inch macbook pro with a design of macbook air, refurbished hardwares, qs. is, can they integrate a dvd drive into such a slim form factor, if they can along side an antiglare display, it will be a win-win combination.

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