Man Swinging Cat By Tail Video Shocker: Help Catch Him

Man Swinging Cat By Tail Video Shocker: Help Catch Him

Every now and then we hear tales of such cruelty to animals that outrage doesn’t seem a strong enough word to describe it. Today we have news of one such case that is making headlines as people are so shocked by it. A video has been released of a man cruelly swinging a cat by its tail and appeals are being made to catch the person responsible.

The incident occurred in Ramsgate, Kent, UK and you can view exactly what happened on the YouTube video below this story but be warned that it is quite distressing. Please note that as it is CCTV footage there is no audio available. The horrible scenes have led the RSPCA to urge the public to come forward to identify the man concerned with Inspector Caroline Doe saying, “This was a very violent, nasty attack on a cat. Anyone who witnessed this outside the pub must have been as shocked and appalled as we were. We are hoping that someone will recognise this man and come forward so we can investigate this fully.”

The young man on the video is shown appearing to dance down the road swinging the cat round and round by its tail for more than 30 seconds at arm’s length. At one point another person, maybe an accomplice, is hit by the black two-year-old cat called Mowgli. The attack happened on October 29 at 8:30 pm outside the Camden Arms pub and remarkably the cat escaped without physical harm although the abuse has left Mowgli distressed.

His owner Michelle Buchanan said, “It’s horrific. I can’t believe anyone would do something that cruel. Mowgli is emotional. He’s just distraught. He won’t go out the door,” according to Sky News. The IT teacher from Ramsgate added “When I got home he was in my bed so that he would feel secure. Now he’ll go as far as the door and turn back. He used to be outside constantly. He’d be scratching at the window.” She also feels the attack has affected her other two cats.

The incident may remind people of another case of animal cruelty when a woman dumped a cat in a wheelie bin last year, another case that caused public outrage. Here at Only Kent we’re upset and angry about this latest example of cruel abuse to animals and urge anybody with any information to come forward to name the person capable of such abuse. We’d like to hear your thoughts on this terrible incident so please leave your comments.

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  • Tom

    You should tie his leg’s to a tow bar and drive the hole of the A14 with him draging along the road and evey 1 point and laughy that is cruel what he did to that cat and i bet eveybody else agrey

  • Reidun

    I agree with you Tom….let him feel the same pain – and put him to jail for lifetime.

  • Michelle Marcus

    Please keep your cats inside. Protect them from lunatics like this. Friendly, trusting housecats do not belong outdoors.

  • medtech123

    He should be in jail forever….I’m so sik of animals being easy targets for the cruel who roam the earth. I wonder if they would be so bold …if it was a pitbull. You want more shock..go to YT and see a cat decapitated……and YT will not remove it………sickening

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