Latest Oklahoma Earthquakes Today : What did you feel this time?

Latest Oklahoma Earthquakes Today : What did you feel this time?

The people of Oklahoma are having a worrying time at the moment with reports of more earthquakes coming in all the time. Yesterday we had a huge response to our story about a series of Oklahoma earthquakes on Saturday and asked if our readers had felt anything. However, since those there have been more quakes with the largest striking late on Saturday night with a magnitude of 5.6. There has also been another Oklahoma earthquake today (Sunday) with a magnitude of 4.0.

The quakes we had reported on previously had not caused major damage or any injuries but the 5.6 quake close to midnight has caused some damage although thankfully so far no reported injuries, apart from one man who was taken to hospital with minor injuries after banging his head. The largest earthquake occurred at 11:53 pm ET Saturday night at magnitude 5.6 and around 4 miles away from Sparks in Lincoln County. There has been structural damage reported including a roof collapse and damage to a ventilation system and also more consequential damage to roads.

Aaron Bennett from Lincoln County 911 and emergency management said that three sections of Route 62 had buckled, according to a CNN report. Crews out earlier today were assessing the damage from the quake and Bennett said, “They’re reporting that all the houses look like they’ve been ransacked.” Some witnesses told how the earthquake seemed to shudder for a full minute and one witness, Noel Garland, told how he felt the quake some 200 miles away in Garland, Texas.

As well as this another earthquake in Oklahoma has been reported today striking at 3:39 am on Sunday morning. This latest earthquake was a magnitude 4.0 and hit around 36 miles away from Oklahoma City, yet another in the series of temblors, according to an Associated Press report.

We’re really interested once again to hear of your experiences, especially of the largest quake so far at 5.6. Are you concerned that these tremors are still continuing? Let us know what happened and where you are by sending your comments.

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  • Soonerlady2

    We felt tremors around 11pm Saturday evening. Desk, chair shook slightly and water in the dog’s bowl was visibly moving…We live in McPherson, KS, about 55 mi north of Wichita, KS on I-135 interstate.

  • JimDHoskins

    Scared me in Joplin, Missouri.

  • Thomel4

    My two girls told me they felt their beds move around 11 PM, Saturday 11/5. We live in north of Warrensburg, MO.

  • Madelyn_rains

    Felt the 5.6 very well here in Moore, Oklahoma. Shook our house for over 30 seconds. It rattled and moved things on our walls and shelves.

  • Country_Girl

    We felt the quake in Stillwater, OK. It shook the entire Drummond Residents Hall building! It last a good long time or at least it felt like it.

  • Lori Walker

    We live in Glenpool Ok off highway 75 and it was 11:06pm according to our clocks. It shook our whole house for at least 1 to 2 minutes.

  • Peggy D

    We are in Newcastle and the walls and ceiling rocked and swayed with loud rumbling. The walls and celiings moved for what seemed like a long time because we didn’t know if it was going to get worse and cave in or stop..

  • Treklover37

    We live in Shawnee OK. I think the most surprising thing was the incredibly loud noise that was associated with the quake. We heard a very loud “rumble” then the house started shaking. It sounded very much like a large tornado was happening next door. We have new cracks in the ceiling, the doors on the fireplace rattled and the wind chimes in the kitchen rang louder then I have heard them. The quake seemed to last longer than others too. At least 45 sec to a min.

  • NanaKiki

    We live in Midwest City. There was a big bang, and I walked into the living room to tell my husband I thought it was an earthquake. I could feel the house quivering, and all the hanging light fixtures were rocking back and forth when I got to the living room. They continued to shake for several seconds more. I walked to the back and opened the slider to look out, and could still feel movement in the door frame for several more seconds. Usually the bang is all we get, so the continued shaking was very different. Nothing fell or was disturbed…except for us! It was a strange experience.

  • Kcflyers

    I live in Kansas City, MO, and felt the 10:53 shock. My bed felt like it was one of those vibrating type, lasted about 10 orf 15 seconds. Windows rattled in sync.

  • Tfell

    I felt the quake at 10:53 in Salina, (Mayes County), OK. It shuddered the house for about 2 or3 seconds. E. A. (Tony) Fell

  • Vera_branham

    Ilived in LA in1971. that was a terrific eaarthquake. You
    could actually hear it coming. It registered an 8.2. There was a lot of building damage.
    My brother in law said he was outside and lives along a major street in Norwalk
    California. He could actually see the street waving as the earthquake rumble

    I had just gone to bed when this Oklahoma Earthquake hit. 11/5/11.
    It really surprised me when the reporters first said that it was an aftershock!!!!
    Having been through Earthquakes, I knew it was not just an aftershock.

  • TxgirlinBigD

    I felt the 10:53 quake while lying in bed in Frisco, TX – far North Dallas, TX.

  • Vickiebyars

    We live in Velma, OK (Stephens County) and we felt the quake! It shook our walls, light fixture, and lasted approximately 1 minute. It was an experience!

  • snooks36

    I’m visiting in Lawton OK. I was sleeping and didn’t hear or feel anything but the homeowner said there was a bang and then the house felt like it was moving a bit back and forth for a few seconds. Chandelier in the dining room was swaying and the stack of plates on a rack in the kitchen rattled.

  • Pastor Russell

    We live in Leadville CO. My wife was just telling me about some small shaking here last night, some things rattling. I’m not sure the times are the same. Pastor Russell

  • Ksoirez

    We felt it in Noble, OK. Really weird too…have never been in one before. It felt like the house was on water the way it moved around. We didn’t get any damaged to items in the house…don’t know about structural yet.

  • Cory C.

    I live in Wichita Kansas and we felt the 5.6 there… many of our friends also felt the quake and our Facebook has several mentions of the shake at about 10:55 local time! It went on for about a minute. I have an android APP called Latest Quakes and I started looking up more about this because of the really large number of quakes between 3.0 and 4.0 both before and after the 5.6 quake last night that we felt. What the heck is happening?

  • Melissa Beck

    We live in Broken Arrow, OK. We definitely felt it! My husband and I were in the kitchen. It started with the rumbling that sounded like a freight train and then it started shaking the house. You could hear the windows and dishes rattling. I felt like it shook for a full minute. Our teenagers were both about to get in the shower, one downstairs and one upstairs…needless to say, there was a change of plans! Even after we didn’t feel it anymore, we watched a bottle of water on the counter shake for several minutes afterwards. We haven’t looked for any damages. We will look after church.

  • Phhs13

    I’m in Argyle, TX and felt the first at 9:54pm (cdst), the second came a few minutes later but wasn’t as strong. The first one moved the wall decorations behind my head enough for me to hear them but they did not fall off the wall. I could feel movement and thought it might be the local train coming by, but there was no train. It lasted about 30 seconds and was just plain weird.

  • RFD Professor

    Kiowa Ks 67070…5.6 lasted about 20 sec ..rocked my bed and 2 story house… no visible damage

  • Kittyraebro

    Yes, here in Webb City, MO

  • Anonymous

    Moment Tensor solutions indicate lateral strike slip as the focal mechanism. Is this typcial of Oklahoma earthquakes? Usually, lateral stike slip is associated with tectonic-type faulting. Also,the epicenter(s) of these latest jolts are away from other more recent acitivty? I wonder if there is a buried fault and if so, could any more significant quakes happen?

  • Fineartistbarb

    I was in the back of the house when there was a rolling rumble. The 3.4 the other night felt like/sounded like a truck rumbling outside my house but this one was much louder and intense. But last night, I felt a slight “P” or upward way and I knew that was not good… it was just unexpected.

    Then the “s” or surface / side to side waves started. It was difficult walking to the front of the house and the shaking was going from N to S. It seems to intensify as it went on.

    After living in San Diego for 5 years, I am familiar with the feeling and what to do…but it has been a while since I have been through a 5.0 or higher. I guess this is something else to get used- we just moved here in July.

  • Cristilagle

    we and several friends in the area here in columbus,ks felt the shock at 11:00 pm last night. I had a friend in webbcity, mo. feel it as well as friends in wichita,ks

  • frisco

    The 1971 Ca. earthquake was actually recorded at 6.7. An 8.2 earthquake would have practically destroyed the whole area.

  • Bill

    Yes, both my wife and I felt the quake yesterday night before 11 pm, and we both immediately realized it was appeartly earthquake, and ran outside, although no one else came out from the neighborhood… We live in the center of Kansas City, MO, quite far from the quake center.

  • Ti

    We felt it here in Ardmore, Ok.. I thought the dog was moving the bed, and I yelled at her to stop, and then I realised she wasn’t in the house. Poor dog, she gets blamed for everything.



  • Julesb65

    We felt the 5.6 earthquake in Joplin, Missouri but nothing since. I told my son and his friend that it was an earthquake as I had experienced them while visiting Calfornia in past years. It was a side to side shaking that lasted what seemed like 30 seconds to a minute. Not enough to knock anything over or really rattle things. Just a side to side shaking which I instantly recognized. It was enough to slosh the pop in my glass.

    My thoughts and prayers are with those in Oklahoma as I know this must be unnerving for them. We expect tornadoes in this part of the country, not earthquakes. I hope it passes soon and there won’t be any major damage or injuries.

  • Shhnotellie

    I was at a cafe in Wichita, KS and I started to feel the couch moving from side to side. I thought someone was bumping the couch, but when I turned around, no one was touching it. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me as I have never felt an earthquake. Turns out my friends felt it, too.

  • Susan Warden

    Webb City, MO (part of the Joplin, MO populated area) last night at 10:55 PM, I had just gone to bed but was not asleep. Everything started to tremble, the windows, doors and the bed were shaking. It lasted about 10 seconds. Nothing here was damaged.

  • Jean Giese

    At 10:53 last night, I was in bed reading my Bible, when suddenly the bed began moving back and forth. Our vertical blinds were banging against the back of the bed and against each other. It was a very strange feeling. When my husband opend the pantry door a few minutes later, several things fell out on the floor. The quake had apparently knocked them off the shelves, and they lodged against the door until it was opened. I live in Paradise, TX. I’m thankful that we live no closed than we do!


  • Tanderson

    i was at home in Anderson Missouri @11:00 pm last night (11-5-11) when our house started to shack ..

  • Jfjiii

    Tremor @ around 11:00 PM Leavenworth, KS

  • Lifefrogstyle

    The quake was felt in Liberal,MO! Glad to hear nobody was hurt!!

  • Outspken_tigress

    I felt it last night Nov 5th 1055-1056pm laying on my couch…my couch started moving like someone was moving it back and forth and i looked at my glass of water and it was swaying in the glass….i sat up and looked outside and saw the wind was really bad but no wind could have made it feel the way it did….called my boyfriend freaking out! I am in Norfolk,NE…just hope that this isn’t a warning of something bad to come

  • Redjamesforever

    Was with friends when somewhere between 10:50 and 11 the whole house started to shake alot, it was the first earthquake i’ve ever felt in oklahoma and it scared all of us. It lasted almost exactly one minute, here in Tulsa

  • Catherineann85

    I live in Arlington tx and I was sit’n in my garage on Saturday night and I watched a can sway back and forth it went on for a couple of seconds, I really didn’t know about the earthquake in oklahoma til the next day! I’m glad to hear no one got hurt!

  • nee=cee

    Tulsa OK This a carzy 3 earthquake in 4 days I left New York when the building started falling now it is time to move around the earth is shaking

  • Kittykat75052

    I live in Grand Prairie, Texas and we felt it here!

  • Cindy Farris

    My desk was shaking a few mins ago. I live in Broken Arrow oK

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