Dr Conrad Murray – Is He Guilty or Not? The Jury is Out

Dr Conrad Murray – Is He Guilty or Not? The Jury is Out

The death of singer Michael Jackson caused shockwaves around the world and it sometimes seems as though the world has been watching the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, accused of involuntary manslaughter. After many dramatic trial scenes over the course of six weeks, millions are now waiting to see if Conrad Murray is guilty or not as the jury is out.

The prosecution claims that Murray is responsible for the death of singer Michael Jackson by administering him with propofol to aid sleep and neglecting to monitor its affects. Meanwhile Murray’s defense maintains that Jackson caused his own death by administering the drug himself. Testimony at the Los Angeles Superior Court has been watched across the world and closing arguments were presented on Thursday after 49 witnesses had been called and over 300 pieces of evidence presented. The jury consisting of 7 men and 5 women deliberated on Friday but no verdict has been reached yet and they will resume discussions tomorrow (Monday).

In summing up, David Walgren for the prosecution appealed to the jury saying, “Conrad Murray left Prince, Paris, and Blanket without a father, for them this case doesn’t end today, or tomorrow, or the next day. For Michael’s children, this case will go on forever because they do not have a father,” according to ITN News. Walgren continued, “I will be asking that you return with a verdict of guilty as to the sole count of involuntary manslaughter because Conrad Murray caused the death of Michael Jackson. Conrad Murray abandoned Michael Jackson. Conrad Murray gave him propofol and abandoned him. Conrad Murray is criminally liable, justice demands a guilty verdict.”

Ed Chernoff for the defense said, “Dr. Murray’s greatest personality defect is his greatest character strength. He got brought into this situation because he thought he could help, because he thought he could help. He could help Michael Jackson succeed. He could help him sleep normally.” Summing up he continued, “If you’re going to hold Dr. Murray responsible, don’t do it because it’s Michael Jackson.” Dr. Murray chose not to give evidence at the trial.

Fans of Michael Jackson who have gathered outside the court have been holding signs requesting a “one way ticket to jail” for Murray, according to BBC News. While the jury was deliberating on Friday neither Dr. Murray or his legal team made an appearance but once a verdict is reached they will receive a two-hour notice. If Conrad Murray is found guilty of involuntary manslaughter he faces up to 4 years in prison and losing his license to practice medicine. We’d like to hear your thoughts on Dr. Conrad Murray and the death of Michael Jackson. Which way do you think the verdict will go? Which way do you think it should go? Let us know with your comments.

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  • Chreks1977

    I think he should be found NOT guilty, sad to say but MJ has been choosing to abuse medication it’s a risk he took and lost. It could have been any dr in dr Murray’s situation there is no stopping a drug addict. If dr Murray is found guilty then bartenders who serve to much alcohol should be found guilty too whenever their patron causes a fatal accident.

  • Blackleopard80


  • just me.

    and when is the trial over?
    i guess there isn’t set a date.
    but why is it taking so long?

  • Tyleashanese

    I believe Dr. Murray is guilty, in fact I think there should be more charges pressed against him and he should face more time. All doctors that testified agreed that they would never be in this situation, giving propofol to a patient outside of a clinic and without the proper equipment. Dr. Murray got be side himself and allowed his emotions to cloud his better judgements. I see that he was overly excited with this new income he would be receiving, meaning more women he can trick on, have babies with and do whatever it is that he.does with these younger women. Also he lied numerous times about ever distributing the propofol to Michael Jackson as well as cleaning up his criminal behavior before doing the most important thing for his patient, which should have been to get emergency medical assistance by simply dialing 911. Not to mention, the clean up bag was never found because Dr Murray did not want it to be found because he knew he was wrong. I’m definitely hoping for a guilty verdict!!

  • Julie

    Only 4 years for grossly misusing a medical license and causing a star with money to essentially be able to buy the kind of painkillers only offered in hospitals for use at his HOME? This is disgusting. He needs to get more than 4 years for killing someone like this, he was paid over a million a year to be a glorified drug addict. What kind of message are we sending to our kids about this man and what wealth can buy you?

  • Addictinrecovery1

    mj is an addict and he manipulated dr murray but dr murray could have quit instead of enabling mj. so hes guilty and hes trying to play the victim when he had a choice and mj didnt. he would of gotten it from somewhere but murray didnt have to be part of.. he chose to stay

  • Liiveyaliife

    Your totally wrong. There is ways to stop a drug addict and its called help. I’ve been there done that with someone I love. And instead of giving them more drugs. I simply said absoloutely not. There is ways to stop that is if u really want to help that person. Murray wanted money and didn’t care about giving mj drugs. He should rott in jail but can only get 4 years.

  • Mark 33

    Chreks1977 you’re totally right. I could well imagine Jackson woke up and got fed up so downed a few more pills to get more sleep. Murray may have been a sloppy doctor but he didn’t kill Jackson. Let him go.

  • RIP

    Not guilty. Conrad is bad doctor but from little I know, MJ’s body was sick for years and years of abuse. So many people are lying. Conrad is just a scape goat. I read the Ian Halperin book. There are reports in there saying Michael was phoning people 2 weeks before he died saying Goodbye, It is over. Even the producer was saying MJ was not eating, he was shivering. That whole movie that came out afterward may have a fake. They used a stand in MJ look a like. There are reports MJ couldn’t sing and didn’t have any energy. Conrad likely had no idea what other drugs MJ was taking. Klein was still in the picture. Conrad was on phone for 45min. Anybody could have snuck in and given MJ extra to stop him from whining. He had no money left. He knew the children would be better off with him dead.

  • John kamal

    Bartenders are not required to have equipments to monitor their clients , and Dr are not looking after clients but patients!!! So Chreks1977 think before you speak.

  • Pablo

    not guilty

  • Saba_511

    Dr Murray has not done this intentionally. Yes he was talking to his girlfriend. He does not deserve to go to Jail for 4yrs. He should not be allowed to practice medicine. MJ was in bad debt. Lots of issues. He should have seen a Mental Health Professional. He was addicted to prescription drugs. His up bringing did have a major impact on his life. He was an Icon and a Legend. RIP MIchael. Saw him in London Wembley Stadium he was the most bionic man on this planet. It is a Tragedy. Saba Haq and Family

  • Lilly 82

    Dr was in the so wrong especially failing to tell others the drugs Michael had in his system who were trying to save him. If you wanted someone dead you would do the same thing and claim panic ruined ability think clearly. Something just doesnt seem reasonable.

  • Lilly 82


  • paul

    Doc was not a 24 hour nurse and not responsible for every action Michael did. According to Dr.White, the danger of propofol was only in the first 5 mins. The tests showed Michael died around 10am-12am, long after propofol was given. The tests also show huge amounts of another sedative taken orally around the time of death. So it is clear Michael must have woken up and overdosed himself: I guess he was not thinking straight because of the drugs. Michael killed himself.

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