Expansion – Netflix Heading to UK: Launch Early 2012

Expansion – Netflix Heading to UK: Launch Early 2012

There have been rumors about Netflix coming to the U.K. for some time and today those rumors have come to fruition, as has now been officially announced by Netflix. The expansion to the UK and Ireland is coming in early 2012 and it will certainly be interesting to see how much interest this creates in the UK after Netflix’s success story so far.

We say so far, as Netflix has recently been losing customers after a huge backlash against the company in the U.S. following price hikes. However with the move into the UK and Ireland, Netflix pledges a “low monthly subscription price,” according to Amar Toor over on Engadget. For this, customers will receive unlimited streaming to PCs, mobiles and tablets of TV shows and movies.

There are no specifics yet concerning pricing, content or which devices will be supported but of course that will come as we near the launch. However Netflix does promise a “wide array” of content upon launch and bigs up its success in regions where it has already launched by saying, “Netflix has been streaming to U.S. members since 2007, adding Canada in 2010 and 43 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean in September 2011. Netflix has revolutionized entertainment across the Americas by giving its members a huge selection of movies and TV shows to enjoy when and where they want.”

If you are interested in Netflix services for the UK and Ireland you can now sign up for email alerts at www.netflix.com. Zack Whittaker over on ZDNet tells how Netflix in the UK will have to compete against the likes of BBC’s iPlayer and Channel 4’s 4oD service. Also is seems that Netlflix’s expansion to the UK and Ireland will not include the mail-order DVD service and Blu-ray content.

We’re interested to hear your thoughts on Netflix’s upcoming arrival to the UK and Ireland. Could you be tempted to subscribe? Let us know with your comments.

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