Shark Attack Kills U.S. National in Australia: Traumatic Fatal Injuries

Shark Attack Kills U.S. National in Australia: Traumatic Fatal Injuries

A few weeks ago we reported on a fatal shark attack off Australia and now another life has been lost, as an American has been killed in a shark attack while diving there. The man was diving alone off Rottnest Island, a popular destination and became the third shark attack victim to die off the Australian West Coast in only two months.

Rottnest Island is a resort that attracts many tourists and is in the Indian Ocean, around 12 miles west of Perth, the capital of Western Australia. The victim appears to be a 32-year-old U.S. national but has not yet been named. A police spokesman said that witnesses to the attack said the shark was a three-meter white pointer. The spokesman also told how when the victim’s body surfaced there were “obviously traumatic fatal injuries,” according to a Reuters report.

A separate report about the incident over on Sky News, tells how the victim was apparently living in Australia on a work visa and witnesses on the dive boat described how the victim was alone in the water when they saw a “large amount of bubbles” before the body surfaced. The police then attended the scene around 500 meters northwest of Little Armstrong Bag and recovered the victim’s body.

Later in the same area a great white shark was spotted. Not long ago we told how a bodyboarder in his twenties was killed in a shark attack and bitten in two near Dunsborough, which is also in Western Australia. It is thought that this victim was killed by a great white. Also recently we told of another fatal shark attack, this time in South Africa, where a 42-year-old British national lost his life when he ignored warnings not to go in the water after a great white shark had been seen. If you have any thoughts about this latest shark attack then leave your comments below.

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