Love Your Apple iPhone 4S But One Thing Irritates You?

Love Your Apple iPhone 4S But One Thing Irritates You?

Almost a week after the launch of the Apple iPhone 4S and the excitement is just about beginning to die down. We’ve written numerous posts now including the best selections of iPhone 4S cases and a feature about the unlocked iPhone 4S for the U.S. but while most response has been overwhelmingly positive it seems that nevertheless there are a few gripes. We’re asking then, ‘do you love your iPhone 4S but one thing irritates you?’

You have your shiny brand new device and are still at the stage where you’re treating it with kid gloves (give it a few months and that wears off), but while you might think it’s the best phone you’ve ever had there might be something that’s really niggling you. We told yesterday about some complaints from new iPhone 4S users about a yellowish tinge on the screen. However, this could be a repeat of what happened with the iPhone 4 at launch, when yellow adhesive used in the build hadn’t had time to disperse. Given time the problem disappeared.

Over on CNN an article by Doug Gross also tells of some of the more common complaints heard of so far for the iPhone 4S. As well as the screen issue it seems that plenty of consumers are not happy with the slow service on Sprint. Indeed we recently published an article detailing a comparison of iPhone 4S carrier speeds and Sprint came out of it very poorly. The Sprint community forum has around 23 pages of people’s complaints about the slow service so far. Sprint made a statement to CNN saying that it was monitoring the 3G network performance and investigating a small amount of complaints about slow data speeds on the iPhone 4S. Sprint also pointed to a Gizmodo report though, which conversely said that Sprint had the fastest network.

Another thing mentioned several times is the weak battery of the iPhone 4S, especially after Apple touted the improved battery performance for its latest iPhone. A review of the iPhone 4S from iLounge showed that the iPhone 4S used more power than the iPhone 4 with only a slight battery capacity improvement. I have to say though that I’ve been hugely impressed by the battery performance on my iPhone 4S but then I didn’t have the iPhone 4 before to compare it with.

Another bugbear but only for those outside of the US, is Siri, Apple’s almost magical new voice assistant. For example if you wanted to use Siri for directions or local business info then you’re out of luck unless you’re stateside. The other problem is Siri’s seeming lack in understanding accents. CNN notes that non-English speaking users have encountered problems but even those speaking English in the UK have met some amount of misunderstanding. However this is something that we think will be sorted over time.

Finally it seems that some people have noticed a camera problem on the iPhone 4S, which is surprising considering the upgrade to 8-megapixels and 1080p HD video recording. However it seems that some have noted shutter speed issues or the camera getting stuck with the shutter closed. Yet more people have said that the camera doesn’t work at all but this can often be solved by turning the phone off and then switching it on again. High tech stuff indeed!

It seems then that there are plenty of us who wouldn’t be without our new iPhone 4S’s but do find something at least slightly annoying. At least it’s not the antennagate issue for last year’s iPhone 4 and that the basic functions of the handset on the whole, seem to be fine. We’re really interested to hear your thoughts about the iPhone 4S. Is there anything that irritates or niggles at you about your new iPhone? Let us know with your comments.

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