Detailed BlackBerry Outage Compensation: Free Apps Good Enough?

Detailed BlackBerry Outage Compensation: Free Apps Good Enough?

You will no doubt have heard of last week’s widespread BlackBerry outage and if you are a BlackBerry owner yourself you will know just how lost and inconvenienced many people were without their usual services. Although full service has been resumed there were many calls for those affected by the outage to get some kind of compensation and today we have news on that. What we want to know from you though is, are some free apps good enough?

Previously RIM co-CEO, Mike Lazaridis, had make a pretty groveling apology for the outage that occurred and now RIM has announced its compensation package. Something tells me many people were hoping for some sort of financial compensation so there may be a lot of disappointed people out there. It seems that RIM’s compensation involves a bundled dozen free apps from the BlackBerry App World, collectively valued at around $100. If you’re an enterprise customer you’ll also receive free Technical Support for one month.

Chris Davies over on Slash Gear informs that if you already have a Technical Support contract, your free month’s support will be added to the end of it. If you haven’t got a Technical Support contract you could receive a standalone free enhanced service for one month. If you’re not an enterprise customer though then the free apps deal will be rolled out by RIM over the next weeks, starting on Wednesday October 19. The apps that you will be able to receive free of charge include:-

IMS 3 – Electronic Arts, Bejeweled – Electronic Arts, N.O.V.A. – Gameloft, Texas Hold’em Poker 2 – Gameloft, Bubble Bash 2 – Gameloft, Photo Editor Ultimate – Ice Cold Apps, Pro –, iSpeech Translator Pro –, Drive Enterprise –, Nobex Radio™ Premium – Nobex, Shazam Encore – Shazam, Vlingo Plus: Virtual Assistant – Vlingo.

Analysts are forecasting that the outage could cost RIM in the region of $100 million. The full RIM press release can be seen over on Engadget, in which a statement from Mike Lazaridis reads, “Our global network supports the communications needs of more than 70 million customers. We truly appreciate and value our relationship with our customers. We’ve worked hard to earn their trust over the past 12 years, and we’re committed to providing the high standard of reliability they expect, today and in the future.” RIM states in the same press release, “a selection of premium apps worth a total value of more than US $100 will be offered free of charge to subscribers as an expression of appreciation for their patience during the recent service disruptions.” The press release also says that the above apps we listed are in the free selection and that others will be added.

Now, we’re really interested to hear from you about what you think of this compensation deal. Are you a BlackBerry user and if so are you satisfied with the free apps offer? Maybe you would have preferred some cash instead? Let us know with your comments.

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