Best Selections of Apple iPhone 4S Cases

Best Selections of Apple iPhone 4S Cases

The Apple iPhone 4S is now among us and we’ve already given you details on which US carrier has the fastest iPhone 4S performance and earlier gave details of an intriguing teardown. If you’re anything like me you will have hot-footed it to the stores and got your hands on your coveted prize at long last and now feel the need to get an iPhone 4S case. We thought we’d give you some of the best selections of iPhone 4S cases to guide you as to what’s out there.

Although many of you will be pleased with your new iPhone purchase you may be like me and are now treating it with kid gloves, so desperate are you not to spoil its beautiful brand-new sheen. A case then is a great idea and if you choose the right one from the wide variety that’s out there you can enjoy your iPhone 4S even more. We’ve got details for you of three different selections of iPhone 4S cases that all feature a slide show presentation of cases with full details, images and prices. If you can’t find anything from all of these suggestions then you must be difficult to please!

First off, an article over on Complex, lists 10 of the best iPhone 4S cases with names such as Speck, Cubic, CaseCrown, Case-Mate and others. One we particularly like from this selection is the Speck CandyShell View, which is great if you’re always on the go or are particularly clumsy. Priced at $40 it gives shock-free support with a rubberized interior and also features a handy kickstand. Click on the Complex link above for the whole selection.

The next selection comes from Mashable with 15 great new designs. Mashable points out that many of you will have iPhone 4 cases that you wish to carry on using. Most of those (but not all) will fit your new iPhone 4S, but you may just feel like a change. There are some really lovely new cases in the photo gallery for this article with some beauties from the likes of Ted Baker, Jon Eicher, Agent 18 and Kenzo. Some of these are not cheap such as the Jon Eicher Specialized Composite case in military-grade aluminum at $99.97, but it is very cool.

Another very comprehensive selection is at this PCMag link and here you’ll find 39 examples of iPhone 4S cases. We start with the official Apple bumpers in various colors at $29 and then there are loads more suggestions from makers such as Belkin, BoxWave, Griffin, iSkin and Insipio. While you consider your choices you may want to check out another Mashable article that explains why not all iPhone 4 cases will fit the iPhone 4S.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on Apple iPhone 4S cases. Are there any in particular you think should be recommended? Have you found that your iPhone 4 case does not fit your new shiny iPhone 4S? Let us know with your comments.

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