Lewis Hamilton on Pole 2011 Korean Grand Prix: Qualifying Results

Lewis Hamilton on Pole 2011 Korean Grand Prix: Qualifying Results

Although the F1 2011 world champion title was awarded last week to Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel, there are in fact four more races left of the season. This weekend it’s the turn of the Korean Grand Prix and for a change Vettel didn’t take pole position. Instead that went to McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton and we also have more news on qualifying results from today.

It can always feel rather lackluster when the championship has already been decided but nevertheless many people will still want to watch the last few races to see what happens next. The Korean Grand Prix is held at Yeongam and Hamilton’s qualifying efforts means that this is the first race this season without a Red Bull on pole. Remarkably it was Hamilton’s first pole since the Canadian Grand Prix last year but maybe not surprisingly, given his 2011 season, he barely celebrated his pole position.

He sealed that pole position with a brilliant lap of 1:35.820 edging out Vettel by 0.222 seconds, according to Sarah Holt over on BBC Sport. When congratulated over being at the front of the grid for tomorrow’s race by McLaren over the pit-to-car radio, Hamilton did not even respond. Already this weekend, Hamilton has said that he needs to put this season behind him. However, when he was asked after qualifying how he felt about his pole position he said, “I’m very happy. I’m very proud of what the team has achieved over the last two races.”

First on the grid then is Lewis Hamilton for McLaren followed by the next drivers in this order to make up the top ten positions – Sebastian Vettel – Red Bull, Jenson Button – McLaren, Mark Webber – Red Bull, Felipe Massa – Ferrari, Fernando Alonso – Ferrari, Nico Rosberg – Mercedes, Vitaly Petrov – Renault, Paul Di Resta – Force India Mercedes, and finally Adrian Sutil – Force India Mercedes. You can see the complete qualifying results and times at this BBC Sport link.

What are your thoughts on Hamilton’s pole position for the Korean Grand Prix? Do you still have the same level of enthusiasm for the remaining few races of the 2011 F1 season? Let us know with your comments.

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