Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime Video Spot: Plus FCC Filing (GSM?)

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime Video Spot: Plus FCC Filing (GSM?)

We’ve been bringing readers all the news about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, aka Nexus Prime, the next Google Nexus handset. We’ve already told you about a possible release date, leaked specs and asked whether the Galaxy Nexus could take on the Apple iPhone 4S. Today we have further Galaxy Nexus news with a video spot and also details that it has passed through the FCC.

The Samsung Unpacked event due to take place at CTIA on October 11 has been postponed out of respect for the passing of Apple’s Steve Jobs. Everybody had been expecting to see the big unveiling of the Galaxy Nexus and also the new Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, in a few days but it looks as though we may have to wait a little longer. However there are plenty of snippets to share with you that are making their way to us.

News of a video spot of the Galaxy Nexus (not the teaser video already released by Samsung) comes to us from Robert Nelson over on TFTS who has managed to get an unofficial hands-on video. You can view the video below our story and also note that it features the new operating system, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The video shows the lock and unlock process and switching around the home screens and app drawer. From the looks of it the Galaxy Nexus is just the type of handset many of you will be glad to get your hands on.

Also, the widespread consensus of opinion was that the Galaxy Nexus would be a Verizon exclusive. However a Galaxy Nexus (Prime) GSM version has just passed through the FCC, which would support AT&T/world bands and maybe T-Mobile’s, according to Chris Chavez over on Phandroid, sourced from Android Forums. This could mean that Verizon will still get an exclusive of the Galaxy Nexus (maybe a DROID Prime) that may be followed later by a world version.

It’s all rather intriguing and more than a little confusing but we’ll continue to follow developments of the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus Prime or DROID Prime, whatever it may eventually be called, and will keep readers updated. We’d like to hear your thoughts on the Galaxy Nexus video spot and your first impressions on what you’ve seen so far? Let us have your comments.

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  • Gqs3

    I am so glad i did not jump on the bionic wagon! I waited forever for that crap. Now it proves that the Bionic would had been great back in the spring, but now it is outdated! Cant wait for the Nexus prime

  • Thelionsroar

    I’m not going to get the galaxy s2 as first planned because I am holding out for the prime. Can’t wait!

  • Noel

    I was waiting to see what the iPhone5 was like, well that proved to be a wasted effort, so the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the next one, looks much better that the iPhone4, I mean the iPhone4S.

  • Manny Subia

    …That’s exactly what I did,…..waited for what seemed to be forever for the Bionic. Now I’m glad I waited so I can grab the Prime lol

  • julchak

    It doesn’t look as responsive as I was hoping it would be from this video? Anyone else getting that, or thinking that the user in the video was just incompetent in using a touch screen?

  • Raven Lotz

    Prime really isn’t that much better, just the screen and the extra .2 gigahertz. HTC Vigor is going to have the dual core 1.5 gigahertz processor and everything that this phone was suppose to have. I bought the Bionic because I’m tired of waiting and the Bionic can be rooted and eventually overclocked. All depends on the final product.

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