2012 Ron Paul Campaign News: Comfortably Funded & Medicare Assurance

2012 Ron Paul Campaign News: Comfortably Funded & Medicare Assurance

We recently wrote an article about Ron Paul the Republican Texan congressman where we detailed how he was staying true to his principles and asked readers if they would vote for him. The response to this was overwhelmingly positive and made it quite clear that many of you would vote for him. Today we have more news about Ron Paul, about his campaign fund and also his reassurance about Medicare.

First off it seems that Ron Paul’s campaign will be comfortably funded as a campaign spokesman told yesterday about well over $5 million in fundraising being reached for the third quarter. That should certainly be more than adequate for funding Paul’s presidential race in the next few months. Patricia Zengerle over on Reuters tells how this amount may be quite a lot less than fundraising reached for figures such as Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, but it does show consistent report for Paul in his bid to become president.

We told how recent support for Paul comes out at between 9 and 13% and although that may not give him enough chance of succeeding, it does mean he will have an important and influential voice over the coming months. On top of the fundraising news we also have information from an event last night in Concord, N.H. where Ron Paul spoke to senior citizens. One of the things a lot of people are concerned about is losing Medicare but when asked about his previously discussed views on medicine being delivered by churches and institutions, Paul told how it was not his intention to take Medicare away.

Paul said of Medicare, “I would try to preserve it,” and said how the answer would not be to stop everything overnight, according to ABCNews. What he does want though is to give people a choice so that those who don’t want government health care can opt out of the system and write it off their taxes. Paul said, “I think that’s proper in a free society. You should not be pushed into corporate medicine by the government.” Paul’s audience may not have been won over though, with an informal poll finding most still undecided, many of whom said they were still waiting to hear from Herman Cain.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Does Ron Paul’s stance over health care concern you? Maybe you’re reassured that Medicare would be preserved, or perhaps you think it’s a great idea to be able to opt out of government health provision? Does Ron Paul have your support? Let us have your comments.

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  • Anonymous

    I am so sick of politicians flip flopping.

    Ron Paul is the only honest guy in the bunch every single one of the others just say whatever they need to to get elected.

    Herman Cain is one of the biggest liars in the bunch, plus he seems very ignorant.

  • Anonymous

    I am not concerned about Ron Paul’s views on Medicare. He does not plan to take this away from those who are dependent on it, however, he does want to provide an opt out for those who do not wish to participate. I believe that Ron Paul will the strongest safe guard for these programs for our seniors. With the government’s run away spending on wars, unbalanced budgets and deficits, Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate that will look to cut spending overseas,(as he is the only presidential candidate that is condemning these wars.) so that America can keep her promises to those at home.

  • Lili

    The old folks’ chance to still have Medicare in the years to come is viable ONLY if they vote for Dr. Ron Paul. The old folks don’t know there is NOT money in the Medicare fund anymore – Money were used for wars and other expenses. Ron Paul, among other changes, will bring the military troops back home and preserve the money, so will be funding for Medicare.

    Giving people options to opt for other avenues of saving their money or assure medical assistance is just part of being a free society.

    Right now, if someone wants to go to a naturalist medical doctor, to follow an holistic approach to prevent or cure diseases, he or she must pay the whole cost from his own pocket even he/she pays for a health insurance.

    The health insurance companies don’t cover but corporate medicine, the establishment medical system pushing expensive dangerous drugs with tons of “side effects” into people, without allowing even real education on nutrition or natural means of healing.

    Most people of this country don’t even know what are their true options for healing – doctors are not allowed to talk or mention natural medicine and its existence. Naturalist medical doctors are not included in the insurance lists of doctors available, and don’t want to pay for natural treatments, even when they cost a fraction of the regular cost.

    This is NOT LIBERTY !!!!

    Dr. Ron Paul is fighting for our true liberty in all aspects of our life.
    Vote Dr. Ron Paul !!!

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul is the only candidate running that turn this country around! I want this country to be a great country again! To do this we need sound money, we need to stop spending money we don’t have on these endless wars!
    I also want a candidate I can trust, this is the most important!

    Vote Ron Paul 2012!

  • carlos

    Ron Paul is one of the few candidates that actually has a plan for every problem that this country is facing. All I hear from the other candidates is, “We need to do this or we need to have a conversation about that”. If we are going to get rid of Obamacare what are we going to do about rising healthcare cost and rising insurance premiums. Many people in office and candidates say that we need to cut spending, and lower taxes, but we are still going to be in the same broken car just with a different driver. Ron Paul is the only one who is willing to fix the broken car. We need Ron Paul.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want to live in an Empire, I want to live in a Republic. The transition will take time. Undoing the last 50 years of Big Gov + Big Business is an immense task. But failure is not an option. I speak to people every day about Ron Paul – Left, Right, and Center – and their response gives me hope for this country.

  • Anonymous

    As an old guy, I am embarassed that we let things get to this point. Busy raising a family and working, we relied on the media to tell us what was happening. I made it a point to watch both liberal and conservative new programs. Know I find out they were one in the same. Mind you, I was allways somewhat skeptical of both. I put my support behind Ross Perot in the 90’s, he seemed to make so much sense and was actually talking about deficits long before any other national politician. But we just didn’t have the votes. With the young people of today so enthusiastically supporting Ron Paul it is up to us oldsters to do our part since we have saddled the young with our debt.

  • Ron Paul empathizer

    It’s a fairly simple concept to me: If you trust people to do the right thing, you don’t need big government. However, if you don’t trust people to do the right thing, you DARE NOT have big government.
    Government is a tool for those who wish power. Whether their intentions are well meaning or self-serving almost makes no difference, because in most cases those intentions will lead politicians and Presidents to compromise on other vital principles and the importance of the Constitution to get whatever it is they want.
    It is a simple truth that Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, almost all wars following WW2 are not allowed under the articles of the United States Constitution. They are take money by force from the people whether they wish to participate in the program or not, so they are immoral. Compared to services of the private sector (not discussing the wars), these programs cost more money then they save or produce. The programs force a sense of dependency and entitlement that is bred into the next generation of Americans, and discourages the recognition that we have a responsibility to ourselves and the next generation to work as hard as is needed to provide for ourselves and make this world a better place for our kids.
    The only caveat that makes these programs sound good is that they are well intentioned, and no one denies it.
    “Hell isn’t merely paved with good intentions; it’s walled and roofed with them. Yes, and furnished too.”
    Aldous Huxley

  • Freddybobobber

    Ron Paul certainly has my support. It is a great idea to start small and allow people to opt out. We young people know that it won’t be able to be funded forever as it is now. I also really really love his foreign policy. I didn’t like it 4 years ago, but, I have learned a lot since then.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EXAGQLREEKE53RUNRXOVOTTM5Y Sara

    Ron Paul: my man.

  • Shbarneysmd

    I will definitely vote for Ron Paul. I’m a registered Libertarian, but may temporarily change to Independent or Republican, so I can vote for him in the primary elections. I am 67 years old and depend on Medicare, because that was the only option given to me. If I were younger, I would most likely participate in a private medicare type program and keep the government out of my business. If people really want positive change in this country, they need to vote for Ron Paul and a Congress that will work with him.
    Susan Hartman
    Leesport, PA


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=4905714 Brian Parsons

    Have any of the other candidates come up with a plan for ANYTHING yet? Other than Herman Cain’s 666 plan? Has anyone had a reasonable plan for anything. Mind you a plan requires sources of funding and none of the other candidates are willing to touch the defense budget. Ron Paul 2012!

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul is right on the money. Companies should offer different health care plans, not the government. This allows choice in a free market society and competition. The government’s control right now is equivalent to a monopoly.

    A lot of people say Ron Paul is too “old-school” for the 21st century. But why not try something that is proven to work instead of a bunch of crap that has caused the state of this country to plummet?

    No one is going to leave a patient dying. We’re forgetting this guy is a doctor. He knows what’s up.

  • Anonymous

    Lili’s comment is right on the money, too. And with the drug war and government out of the way, instead of people being pushed with harmful drugs with “side effects” cannabis and psychedelics can be researched and prescribed instead. I think that’s what Ron Paul was talking about when he said alternative medicine.

    And yeah, Medicare is running into debt. If you depend on Medicare and you want to keep living and be insured optimum care, then Ron Paul is your only choice.

  • Anonymous

    Herman Cain only won Florida because of his skin colour and his Obama bashing. I feel ashamed that Ron Paul was even behind Santorum. Obviously, that state does not understand liberty. Cali > Florida

  • Olson

    Ron Paul is the one for America. He is the only one that hjas it right.

  • Thomas Conway

    of course WE know Cain can’t be trusted – but these old farts don’t know truth from the stain on their diapers… sorry, no disrespect, but i’m a little pissed off that this ENTIRE segment of the voting market are old people who never even touch a computer, and so their only source for the news is turning the channel to CNN and getting some skewed opinion from a moronic political pundit – many of whom go OUT of their way to marginalize Paul…..

  • Todangerous

    I will vote for Paul.

  • DTM4U2

    I will vote only for Ron Paul.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chingatch-Croute/100000818604001 Chingatch Croute

    Ron Paul has MY vote!
    Get government out of health care and prices will come down.
    Have you ever seen a medicare bill?
    Dozens of charges for who knows what from doctors you’ve never seen.
    All charging full price and then some.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chingatch-Croute/100000818604001 Chingatch Croute

    If you are planning to register as a Republican to vote for Ron Paul, you better do it soon!
    The way they are moving up the primaries, you may get squeezed out if you wait.

  • Bill

    Ron Paul is for the people. How can something so simple be so hard to understand? If you live in a free society
    than you should have the choice to opt out.When people listen to what Ron Paul says they have contrasting responses. Either they agree or they’re shell schocked from the truth. When someone speakes the truth theyr’e not always going to be met with open arms. Some people are so use to being served the same media garbage that they don’t know what to do when faced with reality. Why should people oppose our troops coming home?
    Don’t they realize that the troops have family. The troops just dont exsit T.V. they are real people.
    Why do the banks need to be bailed out? Theyr’e the frickin Bank! If I can be audited why shouldn’t the Federal Reserve? Gov. mandated heathcare is Not a good idea. Too many jobs do go overseas.
    If the people understand Ron Pauls’ message then he will be President.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Bledsoe/100000047292782 Daniel Bledsoe

    Ron Paul’s plan is the only one that will work because it’s the only way to save the medical programs for the people that have grown dependent on it. He is the only one that understands that “We are Broke”. All the other candidates’ plans only try and tinker around the edges to keep spending levels as they currently are.

    Ron Paul understands that we can’t tax much more before we destroy the economy, we can’t borrow much more before nobody will lend to us, and we can’t print more money before our currency is devalued so bad those social security checks won’t buy anything. He will cut spending, drastically, and relieve a lot of resources to be used here at home.

    After bringing the troops home and spend only on defense, which will make us safer, we could save over a trillion dollars a year. Take half of that money and fund the social programs that are broke (social security, medicare, etc). Then you can take the other half and put it towards the debt.

    This should help soften the recession (it will hurt but we have to bite the bullet) while the market corrects itself so that the economy can begin growing again and jobs can be created. (There’s a little bit more involved but that’s a good start).

    Ron Paul is the only reasonable person with the knowledge to get us back on the right direction. As a side note, think of all the oil the military won’t be using. Demand will go down and supply will go up…lower gas prices!!

  • Anonymous

    If the US doesn’t adopt a plan for fixing Medicare, in just a few short yeas none of us will have any. I’d rather vote for a man who will fix it by changing it rather than a man who will let it stay the way it is and lose it. I’m switching parties to vote for Ron Paul. I voted for Barack, but he lied about not bringing the troops home in 16 months. I know we should all know by now that politicians will say anything to get elected, but Ron Paul is doing just the opposite. He’s saying things that are a little tough to hear, a little unpopular to some people, but his solutions are do-able. If we should trust any politician these days, it would be him. The other candidates seem to be promising things that will help “the big guy” or those higher up. Paul seems to be promising things that will help the people.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LF7JO6C2BADEZ2WHLEL3T3JB5U billx

    I used to be able to buy ‘catastrophic’ illness insurance. That was a good idea. I want western medicine to do what it is good at – namely, patching you up when you’ve been really smashed or deathly ill. Anesthesia and surgical patch-up is modern medicine’s greatest contribution.

    But health-care is different. It begins in the kitchen, in the garden, at the gym. That’s stuff we have to do for ourselves and it’s quite cheap by comparison.

    Diabetes is a run-away epidemic in the U.S. Dialysis clinics are growing. They charge $50 thousand dollars a month per client. Did you know that ? Do you really want to pay for everyone else’s bad eating habits ?

    Fast food, processed food, and soft-drink companies are every bit as liable for the results as tobacco companies were accused of. There is no debate about that anymore. So why should they not be paying for the consumers’ addictions and afflictions ? That would cover the bill if the rest of us could opt-out.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LF7JO6C2BADEZ2WHLEL3T3JB5U billx

    p.s….. Ron Paul all the way 2012 !

  • michael toth

    Ron Paul’s stance on anything is alright by me. I think it’s called blind faith and I think I got it.
    When I need surgery I choose a Dr. who has studied to be a surgeon in his particular field and has performed this operation successfully many times in the past. He has thoroughly learned what he does with years of practice. That’s why I went to him.
    So is the case with Ron. I trust him. And it’s easy because he understands and protects the brilliance of the constitution. He too has learned his trade with years of hard work and a loyalty to our forefathers’ dream of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. I have faith, blind faith that Ron’s choices are made with all of his sticktoittiveness of abiding by the constitution and a sound moral code.
    Now that surgeon I was talking about never lost a patient and stuck to the code “Do no harm”.
    Ron as a doctor brought many new lives into this world and also believes in doing no harm but extends that to a global aspect.
    I have no concerns when he says he’ll preserve Medicare because seeing people get the care they need is in his blood.
    Blood he risked in war, something not many other candidates can say.
    The most important part of what he says is often left out or not understood.
    He will preserve Medicare but he wants to phase it out and with good reasons if they would just listen.
    Bottom line. When Ron Paul truly believes something, so do I. And I have , like Ron, been proven right every time.
    Ron Paul.
    Don’t laugh, listen.
    Hear what you’re missing

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_42KTZIH34XIJ2OU5OWWMGF3AWU julien alien

    I would like to opt out.I know we pay exorbitantly more than other countries for medicine and are forced to take certain medicines over alternate cures by the system.If I really needed a medicine I would like the option of getting it cheaper from another country.I am tired of pharmaceutical giants telling my government and my doctor what to do.

  • Nonya


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