Details from UFC 135 Post-Fight Press Conference: Plus Video

Details from UFC 135 Post-Fight Press Conference: Plus Video

It was a great night of action on the whole at UFC 135 in Denver and we’ve already given you UFC 135 results in full for both the preliminary and main card fights. In the main event Jon Jones made a successful defense of his UFC Light Heavyweight title beating Rampage Jackson, forced to tap-out in the fourth round. Now we wanted to give you news and video from the UFC 135 post-fight press conference.

After UFC 135 Jackson told at the press conference how he wasn’t a sore loser from the fight against Jones and said he thought he’d be upset and mad but that he’d trained hard and wouldn’t beat himself up about it. He also said, “I’m happy cos I made a lot of money,” which is accurate enough. Graciously he also said, “I don’t see anybody that can beat Jones.”

You can see a 5-minute video of Jackson speaking about the fight below this story. However if you want to see the full post-fight press conference, all 41 minutes of it, you can see it at this UFC website link. Also at the conference Dana White gave details of the $2 million taken at the gate with over 16,000 fans packing The Pepsi Center arena. Bonuses were $75,000 each for Knockout of the Night for Josh Koscheck, Submission of the Night for Nate Diaz and Fight of the Night was Rampage Jackson vs. Jon Jones.

Referring to UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes being beaten by Josh Koscheck with a knockout, White told how he thought Hughes would now retire and said Hughes was disappointed by his performance as he had wanted to go out a winner.

We’re interested to hear your thoughts on UFC 135 and if any of the results last night surprised you? What do you think of Jon Jones, his win against Rampage Jackson and the way Jackson responded? Let us know with your comments.

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  • Markacook3

    beaten by another black guy and hes O.K. with it.. normally hes a sore looser

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