PSN down for 2 hours, back up soon

PSN down for 2 hours, back up soon

2011 is not exactly a good year for Sony, and now it seems that things are going wrong for them yet again. There are reports that PSN is down once again; so far it has been down for about two hours, but we have been told to expect the service back up soon. This will not come as any comfort to the millions of PS3 users who use the PlayStation Network.

The service had been down for some time earlier this year due to a hacking incident, but as far as we know this is not the case this time. The good thing this time is that Sony has learned their lesson from the last time and issued a response right away. They do not say much, but do inform users that they are aware that there is an issue and that engineers are working to resolve the issue.

The service was down earlier this month as well, but that was just for routine maintenance, which PR News reported earlier today. Sony has yet to tell us why PSN has gone down yet again, and now is the time for the rumors to begin. We have seen a huge amount of chatter on Twitter where users fear another hack, but we ask that you do not jump to conclusions.

It had been thought that the problem was just a local one, but it seems to be worldwide, which is a pain for those in the UK, as this is the time that most people will be signed into the PlayStation Network. There is now a fear that this constant issue will start to put more people off, and could even move over to Xbox, as thousands of people did earlier this year.

Have you finally had enough of Sony and these constant issues with PSN?

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