New Apple iPod touch Coming October: In White But Not Much Different

New Apple iPod touch Coming October:  In White But Not Much Different

Apple product news is always popular but it’s easy to get carried away by constant talk of the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 and to almost forget about the next-generation iPod touch. However it’s the iPod touch that is the center of attention today with news that it is to be released in October but will see very little change from the current version. However it does appear that there will be a white model.

Although we have heard hundreds of rumors about expected specs for the iPhone 5, very little has leaked out about the next iteration of the iPod touch. Today Arnold Kim over on MacRumors tells of new information that has come to them about the iPod touch and the speculation is that the only big change will be the addition of a white model. Other minor changes expected are a new oleophobic display coating and an improved ambient light sensor. Apart from this expect the new iPod touch to be much the same as before.

This information backs up previous reports regarding Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who also told how there would be very little difference. Previously there were also images of leaked new white iPod touch screens, which could also be used on the fourth-generation iPod touch so really we shouldn’t be surprised about either a white version or the fact it will be little changed. Kim points out though that there were also previous rumors of a 3G iPod touch this year and also some people thought that a new tapered case design purporting to be of the iPhone 5, could have been for a fifth-generation iPod touch instead. It seems with this latest information that both of those rumors are now scuppered.

It’s reported that the new iPod touch models will be introduced at the same launch as for the iPhone 5, possibly in the first week of October for availability in the middle of the month. This would fit in with earlier rumors of an event to be held on October 5 and release on October 12 for the iPhone 5, though of course nothing is yet confirmed. It’s also thought that a minor revision to the iPod nano will come at the same time.

Over on Apple Insider we’re told that Ming-Chi Kuo also told how the lamination process for the new white iPod touch will be different to that used for the iPhone so it will in fact look a little different. Are you waiting for the next iPod touch? Are you disappointed that it looks as though it will only be slightly different to the current model? Maybe you’re glad that there will be a white model? Let us have your thoughts by sending your comments in.

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  • wade carlson

    your wrong – ipod touch will have 3g to work with apples cloud. the rest will be the same.

  • Zaker

    i don’t care, i just want better 5 megapixel cameras

  • Brandino 19

    Highly doubt it^

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