Biker Under Burning Car Rescued by Onlookers: See the Video

Biker Under Burning Car Rescued by Onlookers: See the Video

Today we have news of a miraculous rescue that shows true bravery and the willingness of the human spirit. When a motorcyclist was driving near to the Utah State University Campus in the US and crashed, a group of onlookers took action by lifting a burning car to save his life. If you want to view the remarkable YouTube video of the rescue then see below this story.

The motorcyclist was Brandon Wright and his bike impacted a BMW car. After the bike struck the car’s bonnet it then hit the ground and Wright slid underneath the car. Within seconds the car and motorbike were both in flames and things looked grim for the 21-year-old student. Amazingly a nearby camera caught what happened next.

Nearby construction workers along with students gathered together and tried to lift the car up, off the student lying beneath, before emergency workers arrived at the scene. After a few tries the bystanders managed to lift it far enough onto its side that Wright could be pulled to safety. Fire extinguishers from the campus were then used to extinguish the fire. If those brave people hadn’t acted so swiftly and courageously right next to a burning car the outcome could have been very different.

Brandon Wright was taken to hospital where his condition was reported critical and the driver of the car suffered only minor injuries. Assistant Logan Police Chief, Jeff Curtis, expressed his thoughts by saying, “I’m impressed that that many people would get involved, especially where there’s fire involved, the possibility of explosions and everything else,” according to Sky News. Since the dramatic rescue Brandon has recovered enough to thank his rescuers.

A report on CBS News tells how he has spoken to the Associated Press by telephone, saying “I’m just very thankful for everyone that helped me out. They saved my life.” Meanwhile his uncle, Tyler Riggs has also spoken about the incident. Apparently Brandon told his family of how scared and fearful he was and was aware of the flames close by. Riggs said, “He remembers being under the car, spitting up blood and not being able to talk.”

The hospital later reported that Wright was now in a satisfactory condition and sustained two broken legs, a broken pelvis, road rash, burns to his foot and abrasions on his forehead. It’s remarkable that he didn’t suffer any head trauma though, especially as it seems Wright was not wearing a crash helmet. Other members of Wright’s family have referred to his rescuers as “angels who came to his aid,” and Riggs added, “They risked their lives doing it. It restores your faith in humanity.”

It most certainly does. We never fail to be amazed by just what people can do in times of crisis and the heroics that are shown. Take a look at the viral video of the rescue below and let us know your thoughts by sending your comments.

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