Full NFL Scores Week One Sunday: Bills Convince, Romo Boneheaded

Full NFL Scores Week One Sunday: Bills Convince, Romo Boneheaded

At last the new NFL season is underway and Week 1 scores are in. Sunday’s play saw some action-packed games and NFL fans will be eager to find out the full results. Read on for all the results.

Jets Vs. Cowboys 27 – 24,
Cardinals Vs. Panthers 28 – 21
Chargers Vs. Vikings 24 – 17
49ers Vs. Seahawks 33 – 17
Redskins Vs. Giants 28 – 14
Bears Vs. Falcons 30 – 12
Bengals Vs. Browns 27 – 17
Eagles Vs. Rams 31 – 13
Lions Vs. Buccaneers 27 – 20
Jaguars Vs. Titans 16 – 14
Ravens Vs. Steelers 35 – 7
Texans Vs. Colts 34 – 7
Bills Vs. Chiefs 41 – 7

One of the most defining scores was the result of the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills. It was pretty convincing and also humiliating for the Chiefs who took a pretty hefty opening blow. The Chiefs were on the backfoot from the off with returner Dexter McCluster fumbling the kickoff. The Bills were a picture of determination and a defining moment came in the third quarter with a Chiefs drive when they were already trailing 20-7. On 1st and 10 Matt Cassel’s pass was batted back at him and he was tackled as he caught it. Anyone watching had to face the fact that the Bills were the better team and the Chiefs now have to face the Detroit Lions next Sunday.

Cowboys fans may be feeling aggrieved as quarterback Tony Romo made a game-costing fourth quarter gaffe on Sunday night with his interception leading to the winning field goal being described as “one of the all-time boneheaded plays” by Kansas.com.

Don’t forget Monday Night Football NFL action with Patriots Vs. Dolphins and Raiders Vs. Broncos. We’d like to hear your thoughts on the first week’s games of the NFL regular season. Will Tony Romo manage to win over Cowboys fans? Did the Bills deserve such a comprehensive win? Let us know with your comments.

Sources: NFL.com, Kansas.com & SBNation.com

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