Dancing Policeman YouTube Viral Video Smash: Healing the Community?

Dancing Policeman YouTube Viral Video Smash: Healing the Community?

After the recent London riots where we told how some parents of those convicted faced eviction and also how many youngsters involved would face PRU’s it’s nice to bring some more positive news from the capital city of England. At a time when police relations with the community have been at their most strained it appears that one police officer at least, appears to be making an effort to heal community relations.

We have news today of a YouTube video taken at the recent Notting Hill Carnival which has now been viewed by almost 200,000 people and shows a Metropolitan Police officer shaking his booty along with the best of them. You can view the video below this story. While revellers danced and cheered around him the policeman showed a completely different side to the force than we’ve seen recently, by giving the boogying his all and looking positively beaming.

The enthusiastic dancing by the policeman, who was in full uniform, while another colleague waved his arms to the music, has gone down a storm and created a wave of positive comments. The gyrating officer in the foreground eventually attracts the attentions of a young female dancer who dances with him. At one point, the officer in the background can be seen retrieving his police helmet from the head of a young woman.

According to Sky News, many have pointed out the benefits to community relations from the police officers involved with one viewer saying, “We should give these two policemen a pay rise. They have probably done more for good community relations than any of the very expensive initiatives that some gravy train people get.” A spokesperson from the Metropolitan Police confirmed rather dryly, “We have no doubt that it is one of our officers.”

Take a look at the video below and tell us your thoughts on the dancing policeman. Do you agree that the actions of one officer in a lighthearted moment such as this can go a long way to improving customer relations? Let us know with your comments.

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