Tropical Storm Maria, Hurricane Nate: Projected path analyzed

Tropical Storm Maria, Hurricane Nate: Projected path analyzed

This time of year will see one storm die down and another start to gain strength, and this is just the case with Tropical Storm Maria and what looks to become Hurricane Nate.

Only a few days after we reported news on Hurricane Katia and its path towards the United States east coast, we now have details on two more storms that still remain a threat to all those in their paths.

Forecasters and storm trackers have been watching Tropical Storm Maria and its projected path closely, with this article showing the predicted path and also stating that Maria has weakened “but remains a threat”. This comes after the National Hurricane Center said that we shouldn’t write off Maria, with possibilities that the storm could re-intensify.

An article on shows the projected path for what looks to become Hurricane Nate over the next few days, with expectations that the current Tropical storm should hit Mexico as a hurricane September 12. The article, seen here, includes a few details on what damage you should expect from the category 2 storm.

Current projections for Maria put the storm at Miami and east of the Bahamas by 2pm this Tuesday, and lifeguards have been warning of rip currents in different areas that are extremely dangerous. If you love to swim in the sea and are in one of the affected areas, you should take note of lifeguard warnings especially this Saturday when weak swimmers could be in trouble.

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Update: Some media are claiming Tropical Storm Nate is just hours away from becoming Hurricane Nate in the southern Gulf of Mexico, with movement towards the north coast of Mexico over the next week.

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