Imminent Ice Cream Sandwich release, stability fears

Imminent Ice Cream Sandwich release, stability fears

For sometime now Android has had a stranglehold over the mobile OS market, but the iPhone 5 and iOS 5 could put serious pressure on the Android platform, which is the reason why they may rush out the release of Ice Cream Sandwich. The idea that the new OS could be imminent is a worry, as we fear that there could be stability issues. The worry is there is really no other choice.

The current mobile OS for Android is 2.3 Gingerbread, but that is now starting to show its age. OK, so there is Honeycomb, but this is only able to run on tablets and not the army of smartphones. The likes of the ThunderBolt still runs on Froyo, which was released just before iOS 4, so makes sense that they will do the same with Ice Cream Sandwich, and BGR agrees.

We know that Android’s new OS is needed, but should they be backed into a corner? If they rush the release then there could be a few issues that they did not count on, we have seen it before. Let’s hope that when Ice Cream Sandwich gets released we do not hear of handsets bricking, batteries draining down too quick or any other such problems.

Android 4.0 will be a universal OS, which means that it will not only work on all Android smartphones, but tablets as well. This has been the one issue that has stopped the OS from being better that it already is, what Google needs to do is unite its OS, only then will people start to consider the platform over rivals such as iOS and Windows Phone.

Having said that, the issue with the current Android mobile OS confusion has not been hurting sales, but the delayed release of the iPhone 5 has certainly hurt Apple’s smartphone sales in certain countries, but not all. It is hard to know if the release of the fifth-generation iPhone and iOS 5 will help to turn things around – but we see no reason why not.

Having said that, if we are to believe recent rumors, then Android could have a tougher fight this year, as the iPhone 5 could be heading to T-Mobile and Sprint, as well as the fact that Verizon will be able to launch a new version of the handset, and not one 6 months out of date. Product reviews is reporting that if the new OS does get rushed out, then this could force people to abandon the Motorola Droid, as we know that it will be shipped with Gingerbread.

Do you think that Android should be forced to rush the release of Ice Cream Sandwich because of the iPhone 5 and iOS 5?

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